Things to Consider Before Replacing an Existing Fence

Whether you are replacing an existing fence with the same thing, or with a completely different style, there are some things you should consider before taking on a fence replacement project. We have many years of experience in this area. As a result, there are many tips that we have learned and now wish to share with you. We wish to set you up for success with your fence replacement project.



Property Lines

Just because there is an existing fence in your yard (maybe even a very old one) does not mean that it follows and respects all property lines. It would be beneficial for you to double check your property lines in relation to the established fence line. This step will allow you to be confident that your fence is within your own property, protecting your new investment from any property line disputes that might take place in the future.



Are you convinced that you will be replacing your existing fence with the same thing? Something different? Consider what aspects of the existing fence worked well for you and your property, and what did not. There could be a slight variation of the fence you have that better meets your needs in certain ways.

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Permitting requirements are dependent on whether or not you are replacing your fence with exactly the same thing. Some municipalities require a permit or zoning certificate no matter what. Others do not if replacing with the same fence. The same principle we talked about concerning property lines can be applied to easements as well. There might be certain areas of your property that utility companies, the City, Town, County, or others have rights to. This can affect the future of your fence, putting it at risk of being torn out by the owner of the easement should they need to perform maintenance within the easement. Check your plat and other land records to know if there are such easements located on your property.

You can find more information about the details of fence permitting here:

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Tear out

Will you be conducting your own tear out of the existing fence? There are two options for tearing out a fence. The first is to cut the posts off as close to the ground as possible and basically bury them with dirt. This option does not allow for the new posts to be installed in the exact same spot, shifting the fence line just slightly. The second method is to try and pull the posts straight out. This usually requires a heavier piece of equipment and can be tricky if the posts are rotten. Most will break off at ground level, leaving you with the rest of it in the ground. You will also need a plan as to how you will dispose of the old fencing. Frederick Fence offers to tear out AND haul away the old fencing before installing your new fence. Just let your Fence Co. sales rep know.



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