Insect Resistant vs. Insect Proof


Insects can be a major concern for wood fence owners, depending on your location. Frederick Fence offers wood fence products that are designed to be insect resistant, but there is a difference between insect resistant and insect proof. Learn what types of insects to watch out for and what can be done to avoid the fence insect problem all together in today’s blog post.

Insects to watch out for

  • Termites are subterranean insects that eat away at fence posts. termites love wood fences because wood contains cellulose, which is a main source of food for them. They create tunnels in the wood that eventually weaken and destroy the stability of fence posts.

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  • Carpenter ants, like termites, dig and tunnel into fence posts. Although they do not “eat away” at the wood, they do cause structural damage by their burrowing.

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  • Carpenter bees bore large holes into wooden structures. Holes in wood fenceposts make them susceptible to moisture entrapment and weakening over time.

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Cedar wood vs. insects

Cedar is naturally insect resistant. The same natural oils that give cedar its long-lasting quality are the same oils that make it resistant to insects. The preservatives in the wood help it last longer by simultaneously preventing damage by wood loving insects.

Pressure Treated Wood vs. Insects

Pine is a fast-growing tree that has ideal strength for fence building. The pressure treatment process adds years to the life of the pine wood by enhancing and protecting its stability. Pressure treatment chemicals protect the wood from all kinds of pests and other kinds of threats like mold and rot.

Insect Repellent vs. Insect Proof

We can offer wood products that are insect repellent, but no wood is completely insect proof. Over time, both cedar and pressure treated woods lose their preservative and insect resistant qualities. They will eventually start to become susceptible to pests as they age. Since wood is a completely natural product, it simply cannot last forever, and damage by hungry pests is one of the ways it might become weakened in the latter years of its life.

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Insect resistant wood treatment products

There are products on the market that can help repel insects. regular stains and sealants will lend some help in this area already, but there are also products that specifically target the prevention of insect infiltration. Whether you prefer to use chemicals, or wish to stick to all natural products, there are options out there to suit your needs.


Better options if you are concerned about insects

Vinyl, aluminum, composite, and chain link are all great material options if you desire a pest-proof fence. Choose from a vast array of style options in any of these materials. We promise there is an insect proof fence option you’ll love!


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