Our Vintage Fence Style Recommendations

Some fence styles are so functional and universal in terms of style that they have remained popular over many years. Other styles have changed or faded away as trends have evolved. What was called “modern” 15-20 years ago is now deemed as dated or old fashioned. However, those same vintage fence styles are still available to Frederick Fence Co. customers! Let your personal style, your home, and your property be the determining factors when choosing the right fence for you.

The ideas featured below are for fencing customers who desire a more vintage feel to their property, own a historic home, or maybe just wish to match their “old-school” country cottage. We hope you enjoy considering some of these specific vintage fence styles.



Classic picket

“Classic” fence pickets are much smaller in size at approx. 1″ x 1″ compared to the more commonly seen contemporary pickets, which measure approx. 7/8″ x 3″. Classic picket fences come in wood or vinyl material and in almost any height you could wish for.

Dips in any classic or contemporary picket fence sections, paired with decorative post caps, would make the perfect complimentary fence for a historic colonial or Victorian style home.

Feel free to customize your perfect vinyl or wood picket fence with Frederick Fence Company! We have our own vinyl fabrication shop and wood shop where we can construct your fence according to unique and specific dimensions.

Classic vinyl arch top picket fence
Classic vinyl picket fence with dip
Contemporary vinyl picket with dip

Wrought Iron (Ornamental aluminum)

Wrought iron is what you commonly see surrounding historic properties in downtown areas. Wrought iron itself can be hard to find. Even when it can be found, it can be quite expensive. Most of the industry now offers aluminum or steel as a comparable alternative. It may not be quite as ornate and decorative, but there are available styles that would complement any historic property well. Plus, you will save money when choosing aluminum or steel over true wrought iron.

Frederick Fence offers installation of aluminum and steel fencing. Choose from many different vintage fence styles, grades, and colors!

6′ tall Victorian style aluminum fence

Split rail

Split rail fencing has proven that it can stand the test of time as still one of the most common fences you see today! It is functional, versatile, rustic, and low profile. Split rail is a great budget-friendly style option that will not distract from character property features. This old-style fence will also complement the look of any simple, modest, cottage inspired home and property.



Lattice is certainly not a new idea. . . but it has been used in new and creative ways in more recent years. It is no surprise that lattice was first created and used as a trellis system designed to support the growth of vines. Today, we use lattice as not only a trellis, but also as the style inspiration for an entire fence, a privacy screen, a pergola, or a small decorative topper on fences. Lattice is still available in a variety of style options from full lattice panels to simple added lattice toppers or between arbors and pergolas. Get creative and we will come alongside to help bring your idea to life.


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