PVC/Vinyl/Plastic, What’s the Difference?

In layman’s terms, PVC and Vinyl are two terms that describe the same type of fence. More technically however, PVC, or Poly Vinyl Chloride, is simply an ingredient used to make up vinyl material. Vinyl is the end product that we use to fabricate the fence sections we install. We do not care to use the word “plastic” when describing our vinyl fences, but if someone calls our company and states that they want a “plastic” fence, we know they really mean vinyl. From the naked eye, vinyl can seem like a plastic material, but in reality, it is so much more.


Our Vinyl Fencing

We source our vinyl material from companies that adhere to the highest quality standards.  All our vinyl passes the ASTM F964-13 test. This test establishes the “end all, be all” standard in vinyl producing. This test lets us know what kind of product we are purchasing, so we can then assure our customers of the quality of the product we are selling to them. The ASTM F964-13 test measures every attribute of vinyl products from strength and durability to color retention and heat resistance.


Beneficial Characteristics of vinyl fencing

– Long lasting                – High long-term value

– No splintering           – Minimal to no color fading

– No rotting                 – Strength and durability

– No cracking


A Vinyl Fence for Every Need

There is a vinyl fence design to suit almost any and every purpose. Choose vinyl for your pet fence, pool fence, estate fence, privacy fence, garden fence, trash enclosures, and so much more! Vinyl is a wonderful investment to make if you want a fence solution that lasts!


Vinyl Fabrication or FVF

Frederick Fence Company purchases the raw materials used to construct our fences, but we use our own team of vinyl experts to measure, cut, and assemble each section the way we know it should be done; the right way, the quality way, the BEST way.  Each fence project is cut, prepared, and filled to order with each customer in mind, essentially providing a custom fence for every customer.


Vinyl Installation

Frederick Fence Company provides free estimates on site for the installation of vinyl fences. We are passionate about extending an honest price for the quality vinyl fence you deserve. We offer installation around our home city of Frederick Maryland, and also parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. You can be confident that your Frederick Fence Co. vinyl fence will be constructed using the highest standard of professional installation techniques. We extend our 18-month craftmanship warranty on all contracts to stand by that guarantee as well.

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Buy Vinyl Material Direct Here!

Frederick Fence can be your source for quality vinyl fence materials even if we are not the ones performing the installation. We sell to local residents who wish to install vinyl fence themselves, and we also act as a suppliar to smaller fence companies in the area. Whether you need an entire fence installation kit, or just a replacement rail or two, our retail department can help.



Ready to contact us about your vinyl fence? Call 301-663-4000 and talk to Ceara about scheduling a free estimate, or ask for Kenny or Roxanne to discuss material sales. We look forward to hearing from you!