Aluminum driveway gates— also referred to as “estate gates” add both a touch of style and security to a property.  Aluminum is a sturdier material and you can select among several grades of aluminum to maximize the security for your front entrance.  Another reason why homeowners often select an aluminum driveway gate is that it’s low maintenance as it will not rust.

When you work with us to design a driveway gate, we’ll also work with you to ensure you pick the best driveway gate opener to meet both your design and security needs.  If you want something simple and manual, you can select from a variety of latch options, magnetic devices and keyed locks.  If you don’t want to fuss with ever getting out of your car to come in and out of your property, you can also select from a wide variety of automated openers, including ones that can either slide open and closed or swing out. Just make sure that you consider how you wish to enter and exit your property when designing your estate gate or fencing and think long-term so that you make the best choice for access to your property at the right time!

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Estate Gates

With aluminum driveway gates, you also can choose from a variety of colors to truly set your entrance apart from the rest, meaning you can make your entrance as beautiful and secure as you want to be and then never have to worry about upkeep! You can choose from the material options of aluminum, vinyl, or wood for your new gate. Each material comes in various shapes and sizes so that you can design a gate that best suits your needs depending on how you would like your gate to look and last.

Got a great fence but need to add that one final step toward maximizing security for your property?  Ready to install a new fence and need a secure and beautiful driveway entrance gate for your home?  Give us a call at Frederick Fence at 301 663-4000 and one of our expert fence consultants can help you create a comprehensive fence solution that includes a driveway gate while meeting your needs and staying within budget.