We recognize that designing the perfect fence solution is often just as important as choosing the perfect home for you and your family. Having served more than 25,000 customers for more than three decades, we recognize that residential fence installation serves many purposes. Whether it’s for establishing a solid border to mark your property line, creating additional security so your children and pets can play safely outdoors, or you want a bit of privacy so you can enjoy your expanded home without interruption, residential fence installation enhances your property and your life.

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We offer a total fence solution at an affordable price. In fact, our vision is simple and reflects how we do business with every customer:

Provide quality residential fence installation solutions and dynamic customer service at a reasonable price.

Residential Fencing Materials and Styles: Options for the Fence of Your Dreams

Frederick Fence’s residential fencing solutions offer high quality fencing materials and installation services to meet your needs and your budget. You could go to a large retail outlet for your residential fence materials, but unless you’ve done your homework, you may not know exactly what you’re purchasing. We’ve done the research for you—we select only the best materials to use for our fence solutions. In fact, many smaller fence contractors come to us just to purchase our materials because they trust our judgement about which materials are the best on the market.

Since 1982, we’ve worked with a lot of homeowners in the DC, NOVA, Maryland and Pennsylvania area and a majority of our fence projects come from repeat customers or their closest family and friends. Whether it’s a wood fence, chain link fence, aluminum fence or vinyl fence, we always design the fence that’s right for you.

Residential Fencing Repairs To Restore Order at Your Home

No matter the reason and no matter who built the fence, we are always there for any homeowner faced with a fence repair situation! Contact us today and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants to assess the damage and get back to you right away with an estimate.

If your residential fence installation work requires significant effort, we’ll quickly send you an itemized proposal so you know the level of detail that goes into your repair. We know it’s important to maintain that perfect fence; that’s why we work fast to restore and repair your residential fence with precision and excellent customer service!

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