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If you’re ready to create a cost-effective and yet sophisticated border for your property, our knowledgeable staff can walk you through selecting your wood fencing supplies and materials. All of our direct wood fence panels are in-stock and ready to be used to create the fence of your dreams.

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Split Rail

Depending upon your security and style preferences, you can build a split rail fence with two to four rails—long pieces of wood, usually split lengthwise—which get inserted into holes within the fence posts and are often held in place by their own weight. We use pressure-treated southern yellow pine, treated to .40 retention and for ground contact, meaning that the treatment applied gets absorbed deep into the wood, offering you the best protection for your materials. We offer split rail fence installation in 3 different heights, although custom specifications can be made to order: 2-rail – 36” tall, 3-rail – 48” tall, 4-rail – 60” tall


For those who have a property with a lot of slopes or changing terrains, stockade fences allow you to rack the panels as you install them, meaning you can adjust the angle on the panel pieces when placing them on uneven surfaces. Aside from the cost-effectiveness and low maintenance, stockade fencing provides the highest level of privacy and security. Our wood stockade fence for sale is crafted with wooden fencing panels and will also help reduce noise and wind in your yard.

Pressure Treated Pine

The pressure treatment process adds years to the life of the product by enhancing and protecting its stability. It protects wood from all kinds of pests, such as termites, and other kinds of threats like mold and rot. Pressure treating wood makes it a much more versatile building asset in the construction industry. If it is an outdoor project, you can trust pressure treated pine.

Western Red Cedar

Frederick Fence Company carries Western Red Cedar Lumber. The premium wood preferred by discerning purchasers. We carry both 5/8″ and 3/4″ thicknesses in 4′ to 8′ lengths. We also have 2 x 4’s for your horizontal runners. Western red cedar is highly stable to the point where there is minimal shrinkage when used to build a fence, meaning your fence will stay straight and sturdy for the long haul.