Permits! Do I Need One?

PERMIT . . . A word that strikes fear into the hearts of many homeowners!

“Oh, where do I begin!? Do I even need a permit? Maybe I can get away with NOT getting one. But what if I don’t get one, install the fence, and they come after me and I have to pay a fine!”


Never fear. . .  Frederick Fence is here!

Many general county areas do not require a permit if the type of fence being installed fits within certain parameters. Other cities, towns, and municipalities have strict permitting requirements for any and all fence work and will know if you do not obtain one prior to the work. Let us lessen your fear by telling you that we can handle this for you! We can provide our in-house permitting services for an additional charge included on your contract. However, you are not required to use our services. You are welcome to obtain your own permit, as some customers prefer to do. We would then remove the fee from your contract.

Your salesmen will know if you need a permit or not

Our salesmen are well versed in the rules of the areas which they service. Most of the time, they will be able to let you know if your project needs a permit or not. If for some reason your sales rep does not know if your project requires a permit, they can call into our office to the permitting department and ask. Furthermore, we have contacts within each municipality that we can easily reach via phone or email to ask questions. One way or another, we will figure out your permitting needs.

It can be difficult to determine if you need a permit or not

Repairs? Replacements? Same height, different style? My address? Permit rules and regulations can become very confusing throughout the various service areas that we cover. For example, if you are replacing a fence in Montgomery County with a fence of the same height and material, you do not need a permit IF the original fence was permitted. Frederick County does not require fencing permits at all, but there are many small towns and cities within Frederick County that DO require permits. Many of our customers are unsure if they are technically located within a City or Town. Howard county only requires fence permits when a pool is involved. Confusing, right? This is just a taste of the variety that is out there when it comes to permitting.Confused person Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik

It is often not about the fence itself

Some municipalities care more about the actual work itself being done than the fence itself. This means that a fencing permit is required whenever fence work is being done, no matter what. They wish to know when and where construction work is being conducted inside the town/city. Examples of some locations where this is the case are The Town of Mount Airy and The City of Frederick.

A quick breakdown of required permitting areas

This is not an exhaustive list, but it provides a general overview of municipalities that require a permit for fencing and certainly includes our main service areas and the municipalities where we permit most often.

Frederick County– Frederick City, Town of Thurmont, Town of Woodsboro, City of New Market, Town of Walkersville, Town of Middletown, Town of Myersville, City of Brunswick

Carroll County– City of Taneytown, Town of Mount Airy, Town of Manchester

Washington County– City of Hagerstown, Town of Boonsboro

Montgomery County– All areas of the county, some individual cities as well.

West Virginia– City of Martinsburg, Town of Harpers Ferry, City of Charlestown

Virginia– Town of Purcellville, City of Leesburg