Money Saving Fence Tips

Whether you’re in the market for the grandest composite fence around or something simple for your dog’s play area, there are ways to save money on your Frederick Fence project. We are committed to providing you with the best price possible based on specific material costs and other pricing factors. Our commitment to value is also why we have chosen to be transparent and share some money saving tips with you today through this latest blog. We understand that even the smallest amount that can be saved on your project is money that can be put toward groceries, school supplies, doctor bills, and so many other necessary expenses! If you combine just a few or even all of the fence building tips below and apply them to your project, you may be able to save a considerable amount!



You can save by . . .


Going in with a neighbor

This is a great way to save on certain general costs such as trip charges and even some labor costs. If one crew can come out and tackle both fences as a combined job, you and your neighbor will be able to save on the project.


Obtaining your own permit

This does not apply to all customers in all areas, but we offer the service to obtain your fence permit for you at a fee, if necessary. That being said, you are not required to use our permitting services. You are welcome to forgo paying the fee and obtain your own permit. We can even be prevailed upon to point you in the right direction if you don’t know where to start the process.


Combining different fence styles

Consider installing a less expensive style of fencing in areas that are less visible and save the more expensive, nicer looking style for the areas that will be in view from the street. For example: ornamental aluminum is a beautiful style to show off on the front facing sides, but choose chain link in the same color for the sides and rear lines. This gives you the look you want but allows you to save money on the other areas with a more cost effective style of fence.


Staining your wood fence

It is always a good idea to treat your fence with something that will preserve it through the years. This will end up saving you money in the long run. Learn more tips and tricks about staining your wood fence here.


Simplifying your layout

As we mentioned previously, every item on your fence has a specific price tag. Your sales rep adds up the cost of each item to come up with the overall cost of your fence. Simplifying your layout can actually save you some money. For example, corner posts cost more than line posts in almost any situation and fence style. If you minimize the amount of turns and corners, the price will go down.


Having a minimal number of gates

To go along with the previously mentioned tip, gates also cost much more than a simple section of fence within a line. The posts come at a higher price than line posts, and so do the gates themselves, plus hinges and latches. Think seriously about the number of gates you REALLY need and remove any unnecessary ones from the design. You could save up to a couple hundred dollars on each gate you take out.



Tying into your neighbors’ fences

If you are in a situation where your neighbors on either side and behind you already have fencing, consider extending small fence lines out to their fences and be done! Some HOAs require just one fence line between properties instead of two anyway, so that makes the decision for you. Be sure to check for any such rules that might exist in your neighborhood. Other areas have no requirements at all, leaving you to make the choice. We suggest you have a conversation with your neighbors about and explain the situation to them. If your neighbor(s) does not already have fencing, refer to the first tip about combining projects to save!


Avoiding fencing on pavement, concrete, and retaining walls

Installing posts into any of these surfaces is a harder task (pun intended) than simply installing them into the ground. We add an additional labor charge to install into any of these surfaces since it takes more time and more effort. We also must come prepared with the proper tools in order to do this; tools we do not stock on every truck all the time. Consider this tip and try to avoid fencing in these areas of your yard/patio/driveway.


Going with less boards and more wire

This would apply to any paddock, estate, split rail, or ranch style fence. We all know wood prices have remained on the high side for some time. You can achieve a fence that is just as affective if you choose to place wire mesh on the fence and go with less boards.


Removing your own existing fence

Although we do provide a very reasonable price on removing existing fencing, it does come at somewhat of a cost because there is labor cost involved to remove it and we also have to pay to dispose of it. This cost can be saved if you do any necessary removal yourself. You may wish to consider enlisting the help of family or friends to avoid paying us to remove and take it away.