4 Reasons to Consider Split Rail for your Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is often associated with vinyl, aluminum, or chain link. In fact, we would most likely offer one or all three as the optimal choice for a pool fence, but there are other budget-friendly wood options out there that you may wish to consider. Split rail is one of those options for pool fencing.


Are Split Rail Fences Pool Code Compliant?

Not all split rail fences are pool code compliant. There are a few modifications we need to make to the design before it can pass your pool inspection. First, it must have the appropriate size wire mesh attached to the OUTSIDE (1”x2”). The extra small wire is designed to prevent anyone from being able to climb over the fence and into the pool area.  The gates on the fence must also have the proper hardware to comply with pool code. Self-closing springs must be installed to cause the gates to close automatically at all times. The latches must also be self-latching and have the option to be locked with a key.  Depending on where you live, the fence must also be a certain height, either 4′ or 5′ tall. Two rail split rail fences will not make the height requirement for pool code anywhere. With this in mind, let us give you some reasons why split rail can make an appealing and functional option for pool fencing.

You may already have a split rail fence

Split rail fences are very common, especially in rural areas. If you already have a split rail fence or are moving into a new home that has one and you wish to have a pool installed, all we need to do is make the above-mentioned changes in order for the existing split rail to function as a pool fence; add or replace wire mesh, adjust existing gates and add the proper hardware, and you’re done!



Many people love the timeless, simple look of the split rail fence. As previously mentioned, they are just as popular now as they ever were. If split rail suits your style over vinyl, aluminum, and chain link, that’s no problem! You do not need to sacrifice your personal style in order to have a fence you need for a pool. Rustic split rail is still an option for pool fencing for you!


The cost of a pool is high even without factoring in the necessary fencing. Split rail is considered to be one of the most cost-effective types of fencing on the market. When adding together the additional savings from using an existing split rail fence, you can have a very affordable pool fence.


quick and easy

Unless there is some other factor that makes pricing complicated, split rail fencing can usually be quoted at the time of the estimate. That meaning the sales rep gives you the exact price and you have the opportunity to accept and move forward with us on the spot if you choose. Providing pricing at the same as the estimate appointment saves time that would usually be spent creating the estimate in the office through complicated pricing spreadsheets. In addition to saving time on the estimate side, the lead time on this fence is also minimal. Split rail material is something we always have in stock. Shipments of freshly treated split rail lumber arrive in our yard almost weekly. Split rail fencing is also installed quickly and easily. Our crews not only work hard to do installations quickly and efficiently, but also have the expertise to make even the simplest fence as perfect and precise as possible. If you are in a hurry to have your pool fence installed, split rail is a good option for you.

The fence shown below was completed through a local pool company this spring. We are excited to show you an example of what your pool fence could look like using split rail.


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