The Benefits of an On Site Estimate

Our policy has always been to come out, see the property, and meet with you before providing you with a quote for a fence. This may seem unnecessary to some people, but we have many reasons for why we insist on providing quotes this way. We have folks ask just about every day for an “approximate” number over the phone for a fence. But the truth is that it just isn’t that simple to us. There are many many factors that go into the price for a fence and “approximates” just do not exist. Our estimates are free, so if you will simply grant us a bit of your time, we would love to help you envision the right fencing solution for you and your home AND give you the best and most specific price we can!



Why the Onsite Quotes?

Our sales reps are all out in the field– When the season of COVID began, our sales reps were asked to work from home so that there were less bodies in the office, making it safer for all who worked for the company. Since then, they have remained out of the office the majority of the time. Some might have one office day in a week or even multiple weeks. If you call and ask for a price on a fence, there probably are not any sales reps in the office at that time who could provide a price.


Our sales representatives service different areas– To be fair, we divide the leads we receive by area with each sales rep handling a certain zip code or county. Whoever you meet with during the initial consultation is who will stay in contact with you and see the job through to the end. Any changes or questions you have about your contract or fencing plan will always go through your specific sales rep. They will even remain your sales rep on any additional fence projects you wish to have done in the future. Additionally, this means that your sales rep has experience with the rules, codes, and HOA requirements in your neighborhood. You could say that they are each fine-tuned to be your sales rep. Therefore, we wish to make sure we set you up with the right sales rep to begin with, not simply whoever happens to be in the office at that time.


There is no such thing as “approximate cost” or “typical fence”– Depending on where you are located, a “typical” or “normal” fence can mean very different things. A 4’ tall paddock fence? A 6’ tall solid board privacy fence? A 5’ tall aluminum fence? Even these types within themselves can have VERY different prices depending on grade, material, color, and shape or layout of the fence. We price projects very specifically, so we do not wish for you to be disappointed by the difference between the “approximate” price and the actual price.


We need to put eyes on the layout of the property– We cannot say enough how important it is for us to view the area where the project will take place before entering into a contract with you. There are sure to be aspects about the property (the ground, landscaping, hardscaping, brush) that must be noted for our installers. These features might even increase or decrease your fence cost. Things that might not occur to most customers to note can make all the difference to our crews, things that our sales reps know to take into account.


As a business, we are only interested in serious inquiries– This is one way that we try to cut down on wasting your time and ours. If a person is not willing to meet a sales rep, then they might not be serious enough about the project to want to sign a contract with us or anyone. At the same time, there is no obligation for you to sign a contract with us what so ever. We are open and honest about encouraging our customers to shop around and receive quotes from different companies. We are committed to value and quality, and we are confident you will receive both through us. We cannot say the same for other companies who can do a fence for much less than us, but we understand this area of need to go with the least expensive option. 


We take our own measurements– We are firm in our policy to give estimates off of our own measurements ONLY. We want to make sure each line measurement is accurate when the time comes to install the fence. There can be a snowball effect of mix-ups and inventory issues caused by incorrect measurements. Secondly, we are committed to giving you an accurate quote up front. When you accept our quote and sign on for a Frederick Fence, you can be sure that the price will stay the same through the process and after the fence is installed. No changes based on material costs rising and falling, and no surprise charges unless specifically signed for on the contract. Unless you authorize a change for more or less fencing, it stays the same. Our best way to stay organized and give accurate quotes is to do our own measuring up front.


We want to meet you! – The best way that we know how to welcome you to our company and our family is to come and meet you in person! We want to hear about your needs and desires for a fence. We can make suggestions and point out certain aspects of your yard that make a certain fence more beneficial than another. We do not want to only install a fence for you. . . we want to provide you with a fencing solution that you can trust in, one that benefits your family, pets, property, and wallet!



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