Prioritizing: Get the Fence You Need and Want

How to decide on your perfect fence by prioritizing your needs and wants

Some of our customers know exactly what they want when it comes to fencing for their yard. Living in a world where you can get ideas at the drop of a hat due to the internet can make decision making either easy or more complicated. Pinterest has definitely proved to be a blessing as well as a curse for fencing companies. Some of our customers do not even know where to start with different fence types, materials, grades, and colors. You may be interested in a variety of options, but just don’t know how to choose! We want you to consider your needs and wants by prioritizing them in a way that helps you make the best decision.


Your List of Needs

Your specific reason for needing a fence will narrow down the options to a certain height, style, material, and level of strength. Your sales rep needs to know the purpose of your fence in order to steer you in the right direction. We want to sell you a fence that not only looks good, but also suites the needs of your home and situation. Take a look at some of the following needs that might determine what fence type you require.

Pet Barrier

Your main concern might be security for your pets. If you have large dogs, you might want to make sure the fence is tall enough and strong enough to keep them in. If you have small pets you could be interested in something that has small gaps or no gaps, so that the little ones cannot escape. If the fence will be enclosing horse pastures you will want something tall and strong, but gaps are no problem. We even offer fence extensions that are meant to keep cats in! We have everything you need to keep your furry friends safe and contained, no matter what species they are.


Are you getting a fence to keep intruders out? You will need a fence that is strong and tall that allows no way to get through. We offer a few different types of toppers to some of our fences that add additional security, such as barb wire. Ask your sales rep about all the options we offer.


Fences can be used as barriers to keep people safe in many circumstances. If this is your purpose for getting a fence, your sales rep can pick something that will be strong and reliable in safety situations. If it is a pool fence, certain codes do a lot of the deciding for you when it comes to fence style. You do, however, still have some options when choosing a material. Chain link, wood, vinyl, and aluminum come in styles that are pool code approved.


Privacy can be a huge motivator when buying a fence. Homes that are close together, especially town houses, really benefit from having a fenced in area where the homeowner can enjoy the outdoors with some privacy. Privacy fences do not have to contain the whole yard, however. Some customers request 1-3 privacy panels close to the house on both sides of the backyard, then continue with a shorter and more open fence to the back of the property line.

Property Divider

A fence that serves as a marker dividing your neighbor’s property and yours can be helpful in a lot of ways, including settling disputes and preventing additional disputes down the road. These fences do not have to be anything special in regard to strength and height. Feel free to pick something that you will enjoy looking at, but that is also economical.



If any of the above applies to your situation, be sure to mention them to your salesman. He will know how to choose a fence design to suit your needs.


Your List of Wants

Once you have determined the basic fence specs that suit your needs, you then have the freedom to add details that you simply want to have. Your perfect fence can have aesthetic characteristics added to improve the look and to make it more your style.

Colors – Fence materials such as chain link, vinyl, and aluminum come in a variety of color options. Wood can always be stained or painted at a later time to whatever color you may choose as well.

Picket and post cap style- You can choose a more ornate style option if you like. There is no need to go plain unless you want to.

More gates– Having just one or two gates is a necessity in most cases, but you can consider adding more for your ease and convenience if you wish!

Upgrade – Choosing a fence for its economical price tag can be a need in many situations. If you have the freedom to choose between a cheaper fence and a more expensive fence that will last much longer, consider the options with your sales representative. It may be worth it if you can afford it.

Toppers- Lattice or spindles can be a great addition to the top of any vinyl or wood fence! You can even add a pergola to your gate! Ask your sales rep to show you all the options we offer.


Your List, Prioritized

Looking at those options can make a person dizzy with decision making anxiety! How can you know for sure you are choosing the best collection of options to make the perfect fence for you? Consider actively writing down what is most important to you when it comes to your new fence. Make a list of things you absolutely need to have, and then add each want item from greatest to least. Your sales rep can give you costs comparisons and help you get the most out of your budget.


Written By Laura Braden