Winding Down 2020


As we head into the last quarter of this year and enjoy the holiday seasons that come with it, we would like to take some time to focus on the good that came out of this year. Though there were many times that tried us, experiences that tested us, and circumstances that frightened us; there were plenty of blessings as well. It may take reading between the lines in some cases, but we here at Frederick Fence can see our blessings quite vividly all around us!

A Booming Business

Frederick Fence began experiencing a record number of sales and support from our community as soon as COVID hit the nation. At the time, we could not understand why anyone would want a fence at a time like this, but we are so grateful that you did!  The day to day became about simply trying to keep up with all the calls, estimate appointments, and installations. Though no one knew why it was happening, we were continually thankful for the situation we found ourselves in for the next few months!

A Wonderful Team

Not one of our team members was left without extra work as business increased during this time. Each person rose to the challenge and made Frederick Fence a better team environment as a result. Despite all the change and confusion, our team took each day as it came and overcame each challenge that had to be faced.

A Healthy Crew

We are very fortunate to say that Frederick Fence has stayed mostly untouched by COVID. Aside from a couple of close calls and mild cases, the company has succeeded in avoiding any major outbreaks or shutdowns due to the sickness.  We have done everything we can to ensure the safety of our office employees, crews, and customers. When it all started, we have closed the showroom, began requiring masks, limited time in the office, and made sure to social distance in the field. 

In conclusion, we wish to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers who stuck with us when things got weird and tough, as well as our newer customers who blessed us with their business during this crazy time. We hope everyone stays well and safe this season and has a chance to enjoy time with family and friends!