Frederick Fence Co Gate Systems

Gates make wonderful additions that provide security, safety, and value to residential and commercial properties. If you are considering a new gate for your home or business, consider choosing Frederick Fence and the range of possibilities we can offer! From aluminum to wood, slide to swing, single to double, manual to automatic; we can do it all! With Frederick Fence Company you can have a custom fence gate that is unique to your style, needs, and desires!


Feel free to choose a gate in aluminum, vinyl, chain link, or wood! Any of these options can be fit with automatic openers and other safety technology. You can even mix the materials to create something new and modern! Take a look at the cedar gate in the gallery that has a steel frame! We created this for a customer that formerly had an all steel gate. We fitted the original steel posts with new and improved cedar fencing. 



The style of the gate you wish to have install is mainly dependent on what you like. There are some rules for gates of a certain size when it comes to necessary hardware and gate function, but we can help with all of that! If you are unsure about which driveway security gate is right for you, have one of our salesmen out to take a look at your property. They will expertly supply the best options for you as well as help you narrow those options down to that one perfect gate. We promise you will be satisfied that you have made the best decision.

Some gates are custom designed and created here in the shop! Our gate genius John Angles (now retired) still comes us out and lends a hand on special projects.


We offer two options for how your gate can function. These include sliding and swing gates. Depending on the lay of the land on your property, you may be able to choose between the two. Some properties force customers to go with one of the functions. For example, swing gates will not function if they open towards an upward slope. Slide gates will also not function if the slope rises where the gate would be sliding back towards.

Special Features

If you order a gate with any kind of automatic opener or security code system, your gate will boast the fine work of Jim Stevenson with Stevenson Gates, whom we sub all of our electrical gate work to.  We have worked closely with Jim for years. He is our trusted source for quality work on our gates. We provide the structure, Jim provides the functions!