How Can I Make My Wood Fence Last Longer?

With material prices still through the roof it is important to most consumers to know what can make their investment in a fence last as long as possible. Wood is natural and will deteriorate over time, no matter what. But, we do have some tips we would like to share that can ensure you get as much life out of your wood fence as possible.


Choose high quality materials

Good quality goes a long way with wood materials. We recommend that you purchase from a reputable retailer who can assure you of the source and quality of the product. Each type of wood material is best suited for a certain style or style of fencing. Some are heavier/lighter or thicker/thinner and so on. Be sure that the wood you purchase is suitable for the fence type you have in mind. Some types of wood are also designed to last longer than others, such as cedar and pressure treated pine. Sometimes the extra cost pays off in the long run if you can get more lifetime out of your fence with better wood.


Use a professional contractor

A professional will know the tips and tricks that make all the difference in the longevity of a fence. Fence construction can seem straight forward at a glance, but the knowledge to fine tune comes from years of experience. Your investment will achieve more if you choose to work with a professional fencing company. Frederick Fence has been in business for 41 years. The knowledge we have accumulated is almost invaluable to our customers who want a fence that is done the right way.


Try Paint or Stain

Applying paint, stain, or other protective sealants can lengthen the life of your wood fence. Be sure to let the wood dry out completely before applying products, otherwise it will trap moisture and have the opposite effect by causing the wood to rot prematurely. Also, sealants are most beneficial when used every few years or so. Just one application will not be enough to benefit the fence for its entire lifetime. Full-sun areas are particularly hard on wood fencing and can benefit from the protection that sealers provide.


Trim surrounding vegetation

Trees and shrubs near your wood fence can cause not only physical risk from damage, but also moisture damage if they are dense enough to heavily shade or trap moisture around the bottom of the fence.


Install a “rot board” on non-pressure treated fences

Some professional contractors suggest the use of a rot board in particularly wet areas if your fence is not constructed out of pressure treated wood. With a rot board you can still have the material you want, with added protection from the elements using a pressure-treated pine wood barrier. A rot board is installed along the bottom of the fence line where there is a lot of moisture. The pressure treated wood protects the bottom of the fence from becoming susceptible to moisture damage. Thus, the rest of the fence is less likely to suffer and deteriorate prematurely.


Utilize Dry-pack concrete over Wet-pour

Wood posts are fresh when they are installed, meaning they still have an abundance of moisture inside. Wetting the concrete before placing it around the posts will cause it to solidify rapidly and trap the moisture inside the posts, causing them to rot from the inside out. If you use dry concrete, the moisture will be able to slowly escape out of the post as the concrete also slowly draws moisture to itself and solidifies over time.


Consider aluminum posts with your wood fencing

In most cases, the posts on a wood fence need to be replaced before the pickets and boards. And this is the priciest portion of a fence installation. There is an option that gives you the longevity of a metal fence with the natural look of wood. We suggest using aluminum posts for your wood fence. The aluminum will last just about forever, and over time, only the wood sections will need to be replaced, leaving you with the savings from not having the posts replaced.

We hope these tips are helpful to those in the market for a new wood fence! Call our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our sales reps! 301-663-4000