What to Expect From a Fence Co. Sales Representative

What would you say are the qualities of a good sales representative? One that you would want to work alongside to bring the vision for your project to life? We believe that we have a team of sales reps you will ENJOY working with!

“The salesperson Alan was excellent, was always positive and helpful and knew the products very well. He also had a lot of patience every time we had questions or requested changes. We are very happy with the installation and the quality materials the crew used for the installation. All the workers of the crew were very kind and respectful, they also worked very organized and did an excellent job installing the fence and gates and they left the fence clean and beautiful. Our neighbors are impressed by their job too. Thank you! Marcos and Sara”


Some key characteristics that we encourage in our sales reps are things like. . .

Good Listening skills- Someone who can hear all your concerns, needs, and desires for a fence with patience and understanding.

Having a Detailed Oriented mind- Someone who takes good notes and measures twice!

Possessing a great amount of Knowledge about fencing- Someone who knows fence styles, materials, and the industry well.

Flexibility– Someone who responds quickly to communications and is willing and able to make changes to accommodate your needs.

Honesty– Someone who is up front with you about pricing, timeframe, and the quality of the products they offer and the company they represent.

Insightfulness– Someone who knows the ins and outs of various styles of fencing and what would best suit your needs down to the smallest detail.


What else can you expect from your Frederick Fence Sales Rep?

We believe that each of our sales representatives does a wonderful job of embodying the above characteristics. There are even a few additional high standards of conduct that you can expect to see in a Fence Co. sales rep when you choose to work alongside one of them to plan and design your fence . . .

“A Fence Co. sales rep should be professional representatives of Frederick Fence Company in appearance and all communications.”


They will . . .

Be punctual– Your Fence Co. sales rep will arrive within the window of time provided to you by our scheduling coordinator. If their arrival time changes due to another appointment running late, sickness, etc., you should receive a call either directly from them or the office to inform you.


Respect your time– Our consultation appointments generally take around half an hour to conduct. That being said, you can expect your sales rep to be flexible and take as much time as you need to go over options and check out any specific problem areas you might have in your yard. Alternatively, your sales rep can also offer the option to simply take quick measurements at that time and then continue the discussion about fence options at a later time via phone call or email at your convenience.


Keep their word– You can expect your Frederick Fence Co. sales rep to let you know when you will receive your written estimate. He or she is also expected to keep their word and get the estimate to you when promised. We understand and appreciate your interest in working with our company and we wish to issue your estimate in a timely manner so that you can make a good and timely decision.


Be prepared to answer questions– You can expect your Frederick Fence Co. sales rep to know fencing. He should be prepared to answer any questions you have about various material and style specifications, installation timeframe, installation methods, payment options, and beyond. If, however, he or she does not have the answer, there is a whole team of personnel they can contact on the spot to ask and receive an answer from immediately. We work together as a team to achieve the highest standard of knowledge when it comes to your fencing solution.


Provide insight concerning different options– Your sales rep will be able to provide you with options that he believes will work best for you based on your specific needs. If you present all your reasons for desiring a fence, he or she can translate that into one or more options for you to choose from. If you have something else in mind, your sales rep can provide reasons for why a certain option is better than another. Experienced insight is key when choosing between similar styles, different materials, and even layout variations.


NOT pressure you into a sale- While the “Frederick Fence Difference” is a reality that we desire you to be able to experience, we also believe in giving you the space you need to make the best decision for YOU! You can expect your sales rep to be forthcoming about price comparisons and other aspects that can be compared to other companies, but our honest, no pressure sales experience will provide the comfortability you need to choose the best company for you, whether that is Frederick Fence Co. or not.



If you are interested in learning more about our expert sales team, you can follow the link to our sales team page! You can also set up an appointment for a consultation with one of them by calling our office! 301-663-4000

Sales Team

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