7 Reasons to Hire A Professional Fencing Contractor

A “professional” fencing contractor is any company that specializes in the installation of fencing. A fence contractor should have some form of track record that proves they have experience in fence building. A website or  Facebook page is also important to illustrate the work that they do on a regular basis. Professional also means that they have all the proper licensing to conduct their business in an official, legal, and ethical manner. Our intention is for our customers to experience every benefit of hiring a professional fencing contractor when they choose to work with us.

Here are some of the characteristics of a professional fencing contractor that you can look for when you are in the market for a new fence.




The single most important advantage to hiring a professional fencing company is the experience they possess. Every other important trait that we will discuss stems from having a significant amount of experience. At Frederick Fence Company, each member of our team brings a different level of experience from various areas of the fencing industry. For example, our sales manager has a background in wholesale material sales and has a vast amount of knowledge in this area. He is able to help guide our sales team on material knowledge and the sale of fencing to our valued customers based on their needs. Our installation manager is another great example. Eric started working at Frederick Fence when he was very young. He learned to install all types of fencing and rose through the levels to eventually become manager. Now, he is able to advise each of our crews on the best methods of installation and the best ways to solve any problems that come up. The combination of staff we have here at Frederick Fence makes our experience as a whole invaluable to our customers. You can be sure that your fence project is being quoted and installed by a team that has 40+ years of accumulative experience.


The internet

The internet provides a glimpse of the day to day workings of a company by collecting and sharing reviews. We can make all the claims we wish about how great our company is, but if the reviews left by previous customers do not match our claims, we do not have a leg to stand on. We encourage you to check out reviews on Facebook and Google to see if your potential fencing contractor is all that it claims to be. The internet allows us each to do our own research so that we can be sure we are hiring a professional fence company to install a professional, quality product.



Hiring a professional fence contractor to do the work of installing your fence makes a great deal of difference in the smallest details. Going back to experience… we know that there are many small details that will make a big difference to your fence project as a whole. We know the tips and tricks to the ins and outs of fence building that would not be known by any typical homeowner or inexperienced fence contractor. Ever hear the saying, “it’s the little things”? Well, Frederick Fence knows better than most that it is the little things that make a big difference to your fence project.



Installing your own fence might prove to be so much more than you can handle. Frederick Fence will save you time not just on the fence installation itself, but throughout the entire process leading up to your installation as well. We contact you if there are any steps we need you to complete before your installation. Otherwise, we are working behind the scenes to complete tasks such as obtaining your permit, calling Miss Utility, and fabricating your wood boards or vinyl sections. Hiring a fence company like Frederick Fence will allow you to sit back, relax, and simply watch your fence go up! We promise you will enjoy watching our expert crews install your high quality fence in record time!


Help with HOA, Permits, Miss Utility, Inspections, etc.

A professional fencing contractor will be able to help you with your HOA application and any necessary permits. Each member of the Frederick Fence sales team handles a specific part of our service area. It is likely that they will have sold fencing in your neighborhood before and have experience with the rules governing your fence by your HOA or town/city/county. Without the knowledge and experience of a professional fencing contractor, you may not know that you need a permit to install a fence and risk obtaining certain fines and violations. We also handle calling Miss Utility, who will mark the location of any public utility lines before we dig. Let your professional Frederick Fence fencing contractor do all the hard paperwork and legal tasks for you!

Access to tools and materialstoro dingo attachments - E AND S EQUIPMENT

A professional fencing contractor will have any and every tool necessary to get the job done. Many times we come across rock where we need to install a post. We have access to jackhammers that can crush and move that rock. A typical homeowner will not have access to tools such as these and therefore might either have to pay someone to take care of it or change the fence layout to avoid the rock.



A professional fence company will have access to warranties on your fence materials and know who to contact if the need arises. A good fence contractor will also have certain warranties in place protecting the workmanship itself. Frederick Fence offers an 18-month long craftmanship warranty to our customers. We stand behind our work and are committed to providing a lasting fence that is installed correctly the first time. One of the ways we put our commitment into action is through our craftmanship warranty.




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