2023: A mild winter for Frederick Fence CO.

It is now February 23rd and it will be almost 80 degrees today! It has been one of the mildest winters we have ever seen in this area. What does this mean for fencing? Take a look at some of the trends we have been experiencing during this very mild winter.



More installation days

Mild weather means no snow days! Even though we install year-round, sometimes we are forced to call off installations when the roads are unsafe for our crews. We try to install whenever possible, but not during active snowstorms or continuous heavy rainfall. If you would like to learn more about how we are able to install fencing during the winter, even with snow on the ground, follow this link to one of our other blogs here!


Shortened lead times

Mild winter weather gives us a chance to catch up on our lead time for fence installations. Sales tend to slow down in these months, but installations can continue at the same rate as long as the weather is nice enough. The ultimate result is a shortened back log; therefore, customers can receive their fence sooner than expected. This also means that we can be caught up by the time spring busy season starts.


Less waiting on other contractors

Many times, customers have contracted us to install a fence as just one small part of an entire backyard renovation project. We must often wait for a patio or a pool to be completed before we can begin fence installation. If there is a mild winter, other contractors are able finish their work NOW instead of having to wait until spring. Ultimately, we are able to get out there sooner as well and do our part of the project.


More comfortability for our crews, and you!

Our crew members are as tough as nails. We have seen them install in any kind of weather, from the hottest to the coldest temperatures. It is nice for them to have a break from the bitter cold this winter and experience some nice temperatures in which to install fencing. This is true for our clients as well since we require a short meeting with each customer to go over the fence layout before work begins on the day of install. Mild winter weather makes this interaction much more bearable for everyone.


What can we expect next year?

This winter has us wondering what might happen next year. Mild winter weather has been a blessing for fencing contractors in many ways. However, there is no way to know what to expect in the coming years. Research shows that many times there is a large amount of snowfall the year following a mild winter. It is such a blessing to have a hardworking team that is almost always ready for anything!