Installing Fences in Wintertime?

Written by Laura Braden

Can we install fences during the winter?


Even in very cold temperatures, installing fences in wintertime is not usually a problem. Unless there is a very large amount of snowfall or some other weather condition that makes the roads unsafe, we will be there digging holes as scheduled, and very happy to do so!

What makes us so confident?

Frederick Fence has over 30 years of experience installing fences during freezing temperatures. We have learned a thing or two through all that time navigating different materials and methods during the winter months. We have the experience you can trust, which makes us top choice for your winter fencing needs. Did you just get a puppy for Christmas? Don’t wait, get an estimate right away so you can have your dog fence installed in January or February.  Want a fence before spring and it’s already winter? We’ve got you covered!

What are the reasons we can install a fence during the winter?

Fun fact time!

  • The ground doesn’t freeze as much as you think it does. Below the surface, the ground stays around 50 degrees all winter long. The ground is a nice warm place for your fence posts to be, even in very cold air temperatures.
  • Grass prevents the ground from freezing deep. Grass insulates the ground and keeps it from freezing further than a couple of inches. Even stubby, sparse grass is good enough to let us to know what kind of ground we are working with.
  • SNOW insulates as well! When we get a snow fall, the ground beneath the accumulation will begin to thaw. This makes sense because the cold comes from the air, not the ground. Even though the snow is frozen, the ground thaws because the warmth from the deeper earth can rise and warm up to just below the surface.

What can you do to help?

Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can adhere to in order to help your Frederick Fence crew.

  • DON’T clear snow away from the path where the fence is going. We know you mean well, but when you push the snow away from the ground it will cause the ground to freeze, become icy, and make it harder for us to dig in that area. Leave that natural insulation where it is so our guys don’t have to dig through ice and frozen ground.
  • DO clear snow away from any utility marks. If these aren’t made clear and visible, the crew cannot see where they need to avoid digging, putting the utility lines in jeopardy.
  • DON’T postpone installation.
  • DO let us make the call. If the weather is in a condition that will compromise the safety of the crew, or the integrity of your fence, we will call you and postpone.
  • DON’T be nervous!
  • DO trust your fence company! We want your fence to have great quality and to last for years to come! We would not put those goals in jeopardy by installing your fence when the weather might compromise it!

There is no need to wait until the spring and summer months (when your schedule probably gets extremely busy) before trying to take the time to get a fence installed. Give Frederick Fence a call or request a quote today! You’ll be glad you did.