New Vendor – National Vinyl Products

If you did not already know, we fabricate our vinyl fences in-house through our very own vinyl shop! The raw materials are delivered to us from a trusted supplier, whose product quality we can trust and sell with confidence to our customers. Early in the year we had the privilege of meeting and connecting with a representative from our new vinyl material supplier! Following the meeting about a week later was a trip to NVP’s factory in Delaware where we were able to see first hand where and how our product will be created.


National Vinyl Products


An overview of the company

NVP is the largest vinyl producer in the country and considered to be a pioneer in the world of vinyl fencing. Check out the following excerpt from their website! It gives a summary about how the company got started, what kind of experience they have, and what values matter most to them.

“National Vinyl Products is a family owned and operated vinyl fence and rail manufacturer headquartered in Nephi, Utah. Launched from the success of the largest Utah vinyl fence company, which installed what is believed to be the first vinyl fence in the state in 1993, NVP began manufacturing its own line of NVP brand vinyl fencing and rail in 2004. NVP knows vinyl fence. We’ve been in the shoes of the homeowner, installer, and material distributor. We understand your needs, and use our knowledge to manufacture a product that will meet and exceed your expectations.”

A quality product

As you just heard from NVP. . . they know vinyl fence. They are committed to providing a product that they can be proud to offer to you. Their product comes with several different guarantees and even a 30-year limited lifetime warranty. NVP promises that your vinyl will stand up against any and all corrosion, peeling, rotting, etc. They use the highest-grade materials possible to create their product. A product you can rely on.


ALL the options

Through NVP, we are able to offer more color, texture, and style options to our customers at affordable prices. NVP offers a variety of color options in not just basic vinyl, but woodgrain and mixed material as well!

You can check out their website to learn more about everything they offer here! Anything that you see on this website is available to you through your friendly neighborhood Frederick Fence Co!

An eco friendly company

NVP prides themselves on utilizing the latest and greatest in material recycling technology in their factory. This allows them to use a portion of recycles materials in their product where possible without compromising on quality, strength, or durability.


An exclusive product

The Frederick Fence difference manifests itself in many different ways, from customer service to installation. The quality of the products we offer is no different. As of now, we are the only fencing company in and around our area who offers NVP vinyl. We have always strived to keep the standard of our product higher than the rest, and NVP has recently made that possible for us.


Why the change?

Just like in any industry, the fencing market is constantly changing. Our decision to change vinyl suppliers came from a desire to promote healthy growth for the company as well as serve and please our customers to the best of our ability. NVP was recently purchased by the same company who supplies our aluminum material: Barrette Outdoor Living. We have worked with Barrette for many years and trust them to provide the best product possible at fair prices.



Change can often be seen as scary and uncertain, but our customers can trust that we have made this decision with them in mind. We desire for our clients to have the best vinyl fence product possible at the best price possible. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our office! We would be happy to hear from you.