The Role of a HOA in Residential Fencing

Many neighborhoods have a local HOA which regulates certain additions, demolitions, and renovations made to homes within their designated areas. The central focus of many satirical TV episodes and notorious for being strict, you may be worried about installing residential fencing with a HOA.

Check with your HOA regulations before installing residential fencing.

In most cases, a HOA regulation on fencing is fair and beneficial. Although this may not be true with all HOA chapters, you are likely okay to install most home fencing. However, be aware of the following information regarding HOA and residential fencing.

Don’t make assumptions

Someone down the street may have a nice vinyl fence, and you want one in a similar fashion. Well since they have it, and they’re under the same HOA regulations, you should be able to install the same type of residential fencing, right? Wrong. You should never make any assumptions in regards to HOA fencing guidelines. That particular home may be violating the regulations, which may come with costly fines.

Apply for approval

Make sure your residential fencing has been approved before purchasing or installing. This may take several weeks, but it’s worth the wait to not deal with the hassle of being denied after purchasing.

Know your regulations

You should be aware of the HOA regulations for your neighborhood for any common home project, but especially fencing. Residential fencing is a huge part of a home’s security and appeal, so brushing up on regulations before looking at your options can help you avoid doing research on a specific fencing option only to find out it’s not allowed.

Planning on having residential fencing installed soon, but not sure about your neighborhood’s HOA regulations? Talk to your fencing contractor. Experienced contractors such as Frederick Fence may be able to guide you in the right direction regarding a HOA.

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