Here’s Why You Should Have a Driveway Gate

Installing driveway gate materials isn’t just for mansions, manors, and gated communities anymore. They provide security, privacy, curb appeal, and many other benefits—all while being economical. Chances are, if you have a driveway leading to your home, you could benefit from a driveway gate.White Aluminum Driveway Gate

Want to learn more about the different types of driveway fence gates available to you? We’ll cover popular automatic gate styles and options available to homeowners right here in Frederick, MD.

Types of driveway gate

There are a few different types of driveway gates, which each work a little differently. Take a look at each option:

  • Swing Gates (Single and Double Swing): When you think of a traditional driveway gate, you’re thinking of a swing gate. A single swing gate only has one ‘door’ or “gate leaf” that opens, while a double has two.
  • Sliding Gates: Not as commonly seen, sliding gates are great for driveways on an incline or uneven ground. Instead of swinging open, they slide open.

Both types of swing gates are available to be manually or automatically opened, while sliding gates are automatic.

Installing Driveway Gate Materials

No matter which type of fencing and gate materials you prefer, you can have a driveway gate of the same material. Two popular options include:

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Depending on the style desired, both vinyl and aluminum types of driveway gates are attractive and secure.

Peace of mind

Unfortunately, crime statistics are only increasing. While we all like to believe it’ll never happen to us, robberies, vandalisms, and other residential crimes can happy to anyone in any neighborhood. A driveway gate provides protection and peace of mind from intruders and criminals. Many criminals are deterred by a driveway gate because it eliminates the ease of access to the home. You also won’t have to worry about strange or unfamiliar vehicles entering your driveway.

Looking for a driveway gate in Frederick, MD?

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