Know your Fencing Options for Dog Fences

Modern technology has brought around electric and invisible fencing for dogs for our furry friends, but receive a lot of criticism—and for good reason. Dog fence installation may be simple, but using pain as the main method of containment, electric and invisible fencing for dogs can cause behavioral problems and fear of leaving your property, even when you want to take them on a

Not to mention, they rely on technology that can be flawed. Look at electric fences for instance: they don’t just shock pets. They will shock anything that comes in contact, including children.

So what are safe options for containing dogs? The following fencing options make great dog fences, without worry or hassle.

Chain link fences

The classic choice for fencing for dogs, chain link fencing makes excellent dog fences, and relatively easy dog fence installation. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and versatile. They also allow great visibility both inside and out, so your dog(s) can see what’s going on beyond your yard.

Wood fencing

Wood is both an attractive and secure option for keeping pets and children, in your yard, and also is relatively simple when it comes to dog fence installation. With many style and height options, they both appeal to taste and functionality as dog fences. Wood is strong, meaning it can easily contain large dogs as well. They can allow for an open view like split rail fencing, or a closed view like stockade fencing. If your dog tends to bark at every outside disturbance, stockade fencing, and other closed-view wood fencing options are an ideal solution.

Aluminum fencing

Another sturdy fencing option with an open view, aluminum fencing offers an attractive, affordable, and low-maintenance solution for dog fences. They can even be ordered with ‘puppy pickets’, which are closely spaced pickets near the bottom of the fence to better contain puppies and other small dogs.

Vinyl Fencing

One of the most popular fences out there, vinyl fences also make great dog fences. Like wood fences, they can have an open or closed view depending on preference. However, they are more low-maintenance and come in a wide range of styles.

With so many safe, secure fencing options available for dog fences, you don’t have to turn to electric or invisible fences. Ask Frederick Fence today about dog fences and other fencing options for your home!

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