Important Winter Fence Maintenance Steps to Do Now

Winter officially begins in just a few days on December 21st. Frederick has its share of snow and freezing temperatures, which can cause havoc for many home owners with winter fence installation. Outdoor faucets need drained, pipes need to be monitored for freezing, and of course, the fence should be prepared for a wet, bitter season.fence-maintenance-frederick

Luckily, winter fence installation and maintenance is quick, easy, and can save you money and time. Follow the steps below to make sure your fence makes it to the next season in one piece.

Look out for possible trouble

Have a lot of trees or shrubs near your fence? Look out for weak or low-hanging branches, which could snap beneath the weight of heavy snow and damage your fence. This will also allow you to locate and remove any other debris currently on or near the fence, which is an important fence maintenance step year-round.

Make repairs now

If repairs or cleaning a wood fence are due, take care of them before the weather gets ugly. Wood and iron fences are already subject to rot and rust respectively, so blemishes make it easier for rot and rust to start and spread. If you have a weather-resistant coating that needs touched up, it should be taken care of before the first snow as well.

Snow is usually slow-melting, and can be pretty heavy as it piles up. Any structural weaknesses, such as cracks or dents, are easily exploited by snow and ice.

Cleaning A Wood Fence Makes A Strong Fence

As a part of winter fence maintenance, you should make sure cleaning a wood fence is a priority. Depending on the type of fence you have, a good power-wash once a year should be enough. Any dirt, mold, mildew or other small debris that can damage your fence need to be removed before heavy snow helps speed along the damage.

As long as you take reasonable care of your fence, winter fence maintenance should be an easy task. Don’t put it off too long—the weather has been warm lately, but winter in Frederick can have warm temperatures one week and a snow storm the next. The sooner, the better!

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