How to Install Vinyl Fence: Tips for the DIYer in You

If you’re a DIY enthusiast who’s looking to build a solid, secure and maintenance free fence, look no further than how to install vinyl fence materials!

Installing vinyl fence projects can be the singular fence that lasts for as long as you own your home.  In fact, when you go to sell your home, that same fence will still be there, often adding value to your resale!  Vinyl is the most durable and permanent fence material on the market today.  Unlike wood fencing or most metals, vinyl can withstand the elements.  No matter how much sun exposure or snowfall it endures, vinyl fence will never fade, rot, rust, warp or ever appear to age.  Once you purchase it, you never need to worry about replacing it. 

vinyl fence

Homeowners love the results of installing vinyl fence materials because it affords you a bit more variety when it comes to options.  You can now choose from 30 colors and styles; Frederick Fence even offers a gorgeous and eye-popping wood grain vinyl that looks just like wood, but will never need staining or replacing!  If you want added privacy for your home, vinyl privacy fences are truly the best option as it allows you to enjoy your yard without being on display and even offers you a bit more noise reduction than all other privacy fence materials.  And if you want something more open or traditional, consider building a vinyl estate or split rail fence.

Tips for How to Install Vinyl Fence

Looking to build a vinyl fence this fall?  Here are some tips for installing your vinyl fence to ensure your fence project looks perfect when done:

Important Information on How to Install Vinyl Fence

Below are some important tips on the overall installation of vinyl fence panels.  If you follow these, your DIY fence project ought to go quite smoothly!

  1. Make sure you install your fence 2 to 3 inches off the ground so your gates will work properly and to allow you to maintain the grass under the fence.
  2. Remember that all gates are built to fit openings, if your packing list says you need a 4′ gate, then you need to account for a gate with a 4-foot opening. Make sure you clear the area where the gate will open. There’s nothing worse than installing a gate next to a large rock or a permanent fixture in the ground that doesn’t permit the gate to fully open and close.
  3. When setting gate posts, it is very important to get the opening exact; use a leveler to ensure your posts are level so that your post channels line up with channels on the panels. Even after you properly set the opening, you should lay a post on top of both gateposts and set a level on top to ensure that posts are evenly topped out.
  4. When digging holes to install the fence, your holes should be 12” in diameter and at least 30-36″ deep.  In areas where freezing is a factor, fence posts need to be below the frost line.
  5. When possible, use as many full panels as you can, but if a shorter panel is needed, you can custom cut a panel to any size to accommodate any line.  Notch the end of the channel to fit inside the post. Be sure to use factory notch as a guide. Use a Saw-Z-All or notching tool to make your cuts.

How to Lay Out Your Vinyl Fence

We’ve written several entries on everything that goes into the overall planning phase for installing any kind of fence.  Here are some important tips for laying out and installing vinyl fence panels:

  1. Layout and install your fence one line at a time. Start at a front corner or beside the house. Drive a stake at each end of the line and run a string line from stake to stake, this will ensure your holes are marked in a straight line.
  2. Mark the holes every 95 ½” on center for privacy, and approximately 96” on center for picket.
  3. If necessary, make sure that any panels requiring custom cuts get placed at either the back of the fence line or up next to the house for the best look.

Installing Your Vinyl Fence

Once you go to actually installing your vinyl fence, here are some handy installation tips to complete the job:

  1. Dig all of the holes that you marked and place the posts in the holes. Set your first post in the center of the hole and pour your concrete. Be sure to plumb up the post in each direction; re-adjust string line so that all posts will be in center of holes throughout the entire line.
  2. Once you set your first post, insert a panel into post, bottom channel first, then the top channel.  Make sure your notches are all the way against the post, then screw the panel into the post.  After this, go to the next hole and put panel into post, plumb post up the string, and set this post. Repeat this procedure until your first fence line is installed.
  3. Layout and install the next line just like the first line. Continue this process until you have installed the entire fence
  4. After installing, topping out and leveling up the entire fence, put on your fence caps. Use an industrial strength glue to secure your posts.
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the success of your DIY project!

Ready to Install a Vinyl Fence?

Even though the temperatures are cooling off outside, there’s still plenty of time to complete that DIY project in time for winter!  If you’d like to design and build your own vinyl fence, drop by our headquarters in Frederick, Maryland and we’ll get you all the fencing materials and hardware you need to install your own vinyl fence.

If you’re considering a unique panel design with multiple colors or something other than white vinyl fence, we can still get your materials for you well before the cold temperatures settle in!  However, because some colors require additional time for fabrication, the best thing to do is take advantage of our chat feature to the left or stop by our offices and we’ll work with you to order the exact vinyl you need for building the perfect fence that lasts a lifetime!

Don’t want to install your fence?  No problem (DIY is not for everyone!), we’re more than happy to send out one of our expert sales consultants to design a vinyl fence that meets your needs and your budget!  Contact us to get started today!