6 Decorative Fence Panel Ideas Perfect For Fall

Now that Summer’s over and the leaves are starting to turn, it’s time to think about fall and all the decorative fence ideas available for you to add some visual appeal to your home before it’s time to get out the Christmas decorations (Yes, I said Christmas….it’s not THAT far away!).  If you have a fence and want to liven up the appearance of your yard, here are a few decorative fence ideas to consider. 

fence decorations

Build Bird Boxes

Bird boxes are a wonderful DIY decorative fence option that are a great way to attract some of nature’s finest feathered friends in your area to visit your home, while also adding some visual pop to your fence. If you’re particularly crafty, you can easily DIY decorative fence bird box or head to stores like Michael’s and purchase a ready-made kit.  You can use all kinds of environmentally-safe paints and stains to create a unique pattern on your fence and can even use the bird boxes to hang other ornaments on them.  Bird boxes are great projects where you can involve your children and give them something to do once they’ve finished their homework!

Hang Some Fall Plants From Your Fence Posts or Panels

Want to brighten up your fence and add some natural beauty to your yard?  Consider hanging baskets as one of the most visually impressive decorative fence ideas, and use lots of fall-friendly plants that will provide color until the winter freeze sets in!

It’s best to start this project in summer to get the baskets prepared and planted so they’re ready for an autumn display. You can choose just one species per hanging basket, or combine several kinds of plants for variations in height and texture.

Some great plants to consider include California fuchsia, African daisy, Japanese anemone, pansies, lantana (which comes in a vibrant orange), ornamental kale, crocuses or lilacs.  The good news is that you can visit any local nursery or home goods store and they’ll offer a wide selection of plants and hangers to hand on your fence.

Hang Strands of Lights on the Fence

Don’t want to deal with watering plants and want to add some additional lighting to your DIY decorative fence, so you can enjoy your yard after dusk?  Hang lights off your fence panels!  Since it’s after Labor Day, you’ll find lots of holiday lights in the stores—I think stringing white lights is a great way to add some outdoor lighting that’s both subtle and decorative.  You can even put the lights on a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off every day! Many department stores now offer LED lights, which last longer than traditional bulb strings and cost less to run.  You can even hang some solar-powered lights; the drawback is that the lights require a lot of sun to stay lit for more than a few hours.

Decorate and Hang Picture Frames onto Your Fence

One of the coolest decorative fence designs I’ve seen recently on the HGTV programs is taking picture frames, painting them various colors, and hanging them on a fence.  You can either head to your local art supply store or you can just head to Home Depot or Lowe’s and cut and glue some two by four’s and presto—instant picture frames! You can either decorate with just one type of frame or use all kinds of styles.

DIY Decorative fence with Old Plates and Saucers on the Fence Panels

Got any old plates or saucer sets that are missing a few pieces and can’t use them for entertaining or serving?  Hang them on your fence and create a charming fence art idea!  The plates don’t even have to match—you can do whatever you like!  If you’re feeling truly crafty and need something to do on a chilly fall day, just get a paint set and let your kids do the painting and then showcase their creations on your fence!

Get Your Fence Ready for Halloween

It’s never too early to buy some small pumpkins and set them on your fence posts to prepare for everyone’s favorite night to play dress up and go on the hunt for candy! Alongside the Christmas fence decorations, you can now find all kinds of eerie and frightful decorative items to hang on your fence—lighted spider webs, ghost lamps, and all kinds of weird monsters. I know some folks who prefer decorating for Halloween and there’s no shortage of scary outdoor ornaments you can buy—just go to Amazon and search “Halloween Fence Decorations” to see what I mean!

pumpkins on a fence

Ready to Build a Fence for Fall?

Fall is a great time to get a fence!  It’s typically easier to get all the permits handled and you can order your fencing materials and see it installed at a much quicker rate than summer.  Before the winter chill sets in, contact us today and we’ll send out one of our expert fence consultants to help you design a fence that meets your needs and your budget! You can also drop by our headquarters during the week or on Saturdays and we’ll help you get started on getting a new fence for your yard this fall!

Got questions?  Take advantage of our online chat or just call us at 301 663-4000.