3 Front Yard Fencing Ideas Perfect for Your Home

Choosing front fence ideas can sometimes be a daunting task, especially since the fencing materials you choose can help increase the value of your home. While some homeowners just want to establish a perimeter around their property as cost effectively as possible, some recognize the value of fence designs for front yard projects that adds curb appeal, which is an essential selling point when they go to sell their home and move on.  This is most true when it comes to your front fence ideas, as it’s the portion of your home that anyone can see.

When we meet homeowners who have large plots of land with a large area behind the home, we often work with them to design a fence using multiple materials.  You can easily have fence designs for front yard projects with a more ornate look and feel and then use another material behind the home that keeps your children and pets inside and intruders out.  True, some front yard fences are limited by county codes and HOA guidelines, but if you want to establish a complete perimeter around yard and don’t want to break the bank, here are some front fence ideas we often recommend.

Front Yard Split Rail Fence

Do you have an extensive land lot and want nice, natural looking front yard fences that will last a long time and save you money to do other home improvement projects?  Consider a split rail fence!  Because we live in the greater MD/NOVA/PA area, many homes sit on large plots of land that require a lot of fence to establish a border.  Split rail fences are both economical and rustic looking and add a lot of visual appeal to a sprawling land lot that can go from the main road to a home that sits back quite a few feet.  If you have little ones who need to stay safe inside the yard or have animals who have the freedom to roam about the property, you can install a fence with iron mesh on the inside to keep the animals inside your property.  Got horses?  You can install a tall split rail fence that meets the roadway—with four to five rails between posts!

wood split rail fence

The great thing about split rail front yard fences is that we use pressure-treated southern yellow pine, which looks so elegant and charming.  You can choose to seal and stain it with one of these best deck stains we recommend to prolong the life of the wood and create a color scheme to enhance your curb appeal.

Front Yard Picket Fence

Love the concept of the American dream with the gorgeous house, one to two kids and a front yard with a fence?  One of the most attractive and inviting ways to create a beautiful front yard is a picket fence.  Of course, most people think of wooden pickets painted white; but if you’re not into maintenance and want something that lasts forever, consider installing a vinyl picket fence!  Vinyl front fence ideas require no maintenance, other than the occasional hosing, and the vinyl will never warp or fade, meaning your front yard will look great for many years to come!

Vinyl Picket Fence

Front Yard Security Fence

Want front yard fence ideas that add visual appeal and keep unwanted guests from entering your home unannounced? Consider installing an aluminum fence with an automatic gate opener for your car.  In fact, you can get highly creative with security fences and build brick towers on either side of the gate for a bit more curb appeal.  Some homeowners will splurge for aluminum or wrought-iron for the front yard, but then choose to put chain link fence in the back.  Or they design a custom aluminum fence from one of seven colors available through our manufacturer—it all depends on what meets your needs and your budget!

Black Aluminum Driveway Gate

Ready for a New Front Yard Fence in Time For Winter?

If you’re ready to purchase new front yard fencing for your home, click on our chat feature, or contact us today and we’ll work with you on fence ideas for front yards that will meet your needs and fits your budget!
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