5 Horizontal Fence Designs to Make Yours a Standout

Got the itch to build your own fence but don’t want to have your looks like everyone else’s in the neighborhood? Want to build something other than a chain link fence that adds better curb appeal to your home for resale? If your answer is YES, then consider building one of these 5 horizontal fence designs to make yours a standout, as opposed to vertical ones!

These horizontal fence ideas are designed create a smooth transition from the ground to the sky, often tricking the eye into thinking the yard enclosed is larger than it really is. When you drive by a fence with horizontal rails, you notice how the fence just flows naturally with the yard it borders. Additionally, Vinyl & Wood Privacy Fencing, all come with fabricated vertical rails. If your goal is to do something different, try one of these 5 DIY horizontal fencing ideas to make yours a standout.

Split Rail Fence

One of the easiest DIY fences you can build is split-rail fence, typically constructed out of pine or black locust rails split lengthwise. Split rail with wire mesh attached keeps both your children and pets safe inside the yard and is transparent enough to create an open look and feel on your property. The other advantage to installing a split rail fence is that you can build it almost anywhere, even in a yard with a few slopes and peaks as well as one with a lot of rocky ground. Split rail is virtually maintenance free once installed.

Paddock Fence

If you want something less transparent, consider building a paddock fence, which is made with anywhere from three to five horizontal flat boards made of southern yellow pine or cedar that get attached to pressure-treated cedar posts. Customers with extensive acreage or farm animals such as horses and sheep tend to enjoy this style of fence as it creates a gorgeous border while also keeping animals confined within the property.

Estate Fence

If you want additional appeal and want to build something with a bit more design to it, consider building an estate fence. Estate fence is similar to paddock fence, except some of the boards that go between the posts are overlapped to form a diagonal crisscross design. Estate fencing typically uses between 4 and 6 flat boards, depending upon how many horizontal boards you want to use above or below the crisscross pattern.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

If your goal is privacy while you’re in your own yard, you can choose to build the types of privacy fences where the rails are all horizontal between posts. With this style of modern horizontal fence, you can design it to where there’s no space between the rails or you can leave a few inches between them so you still have the ability to look beyond your yard. If you’re building a horizontal of fence like this, remember to set all your posts first before building the panels to ensure a consistent height for the entire border.

Estate Vinyl Fence

If you enjoy the estate style fence because of it use of the crisscross pattern and never want to replace it or deal with any of the maintenance that comes with wood fence, consider getting a vinyl estate style fence. Vinyl fencing is stronger than wood fencing and is highly resilient when it comes to enduring the elements. Other than the occasional soaking with a hose and a mild soap, vinyl fencing never fades or changes color, so you never have to worry about what your vinyl estate fence will look like decades from now.

Ready to Build a Horizontal Fence?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and are ready to build your own fence, drop by our headquarters in Frederick, Maryland to get your horizontal fence materials! Even though it’s fall, we’re still open most Saturdays, making it convenient for you to pick up horizontal fence materials!

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