How to Choose the Best Commercial Aluminum Fence

At Frederick Fence, we bring more than 30 years of industry expertise in commercial fence installations to assist any business with their fencing needs.  We’ve partnered with property management companies, townhome communities, gated residential communities, automotive dealers,  state and local governments, federal agencies, and even big box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot to help them design, repair, and complete your commercial fence installation.

commercial aluminum security fence

Our Most Popular Commercial Aluminum Fence Solutions

Frederick Fence’s commercial aluminum fencing solutions offers businesses high quality fencing materials and installation services to keep your business property, tenants, employees, and customers safe and protected.  Most commercial businesses use standard grade fence to surround swimming pools or create a secure area around their buildings or parking lots.  Some of our commercial fencing clients include:

Facts About Standard Commercial Fence Installation

Aluminum fence comes in multiple grades, meaning you can choose among several grades of fence, depending on your business’ needs.  Most residential grade aluminum comes with 5/8” by 5/8” vertical pickets and 1’ by 1” horizontal rails.  Panels are typically 6 feet in length and you can purchase them in varying heights, depending upon your needs.   The average panel weighs 12 pounds.  However, if your business requires a bit more security, you can purchase a higher grade!

Industrial Grade Aluminum Fence

Industrial grade aluminum fences are known for their remarkable strength and for being a maintenance free fence.  Industrial grade fence panels also offer many picket designs to keep intruders from infiltrating the barrier.  Industrial grade aluminum fence panels are also rackable, meaning that you can allow for changes in elevation while maintaining security under the fence.

Advantages of Commercial Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is easy to install and offers the look of wrought iron, but it’s lighter in weight and costs significantly less.  Aluminum fencing is an incredible option if you like customization—not only can you choose among several grades of fence, with increasing stability for grade; you can also buy it in multiple colors, which many businesses appreciate since they often want a fence that goes with the aesthetics of their building or outside areas.

The main advantage for using aluminum fence is that it’s maintenance free.  You never have to worry about painting it as its powder coating is there for the long haul, which also means that the fence will never rust, chip or peel!

Ready for Your Next Commercial Fence Project?

Have a business property that needs a new fence or an existing fence repaired?  Contact us today or take advantage of our new online chat feature that will help with your commercial fence installation! As soon as we hear from you, we’ll send out one of our expert Commercial Fence Consultants to your business or property to work with you and design the perfect commercial fence solution to meet your company’s needs.