Got Deer?


Written by Laura Barnsley

Summer is so great because of all the things we can do that involve being outside! Swimming, playing ball, roasting marshmallows, and eating ice cream are all enjoyed the most in the great outdoors on a summer day. One other thing that summertime lends its benefits to is gardening. Does anyone else out there love being able to grow, tend, and harvest your own vegetables? Having a flower or vegetable garden is such a great way to enjoy the season to its fullest extent.  

Depending on what kind of area you live in, sometimes it is not worth working so hard to build a garden if the deer will just come and eat away at it. Deer absolutely love to munch on almost all kinds of plants and beautiful flowers that grow around your house. Among the most popular are roses, hostas, and lilies. A deer will also move into any vegetable garden and in no time you will not have any blooms left on your plants, and therefore you will not have any vegetables to enjoy.

Consider some of the following options to protect your garden from these cute, but pesky munching creatures.

Plant deer deterring flowers. There are some varieties of flowers and plants that deer stay away from, so planting these around your garden area will help keep them away from the plants you want to protect. Choose some of the following plants to keep the deer away from your beloved flowers and veggies and create a deer deterrent garden.

Fuzzy or prickly plants- The deer don’t care much for anything that is uncomfortable for them to bite into. Choose some varieties that have thorns or are fuzzy to the touch.

Strong smelling plants- The deer will also not likely want to taste plants that have a very strong smell. Many herbs have this strong-smelling quality that will help keep the deer away.

Toxic plants- Some plants give deer upset stomachs and so teach them to stay away. Bleeding hearts, daffodils, and poppies are some examples of deer deterrent plants.

Use a deer proof perimeter.Since deer have small hooves, they won’t walk across any ground that is too uneven, and so the use of rocks or something similar to a cattle guard will keep them away from your garden. The downside to this is that the border must be wide enough so that the deer will not jump across it. If space in your yard allows, use rocks or anything that deer would not want to walk across to protect your garden.

Put up a fence. Putting up a deer proof fence can be just about the best way to keep the deer where you want them. The best kind of fence to put up to deter the deer is either going to have to be extremely tall, or solid so that they cannot see through it.

There are quite a few options that Frederick Fence can provide for a deer proof fence solution. If you are looking for a fence to serve aesthetic as well as deer deterring purposes, consider our wood or vinyl fences that come in solid styles. Frederick Fence can provide a variety of options that will be effective and look great as well. If deer deterring is your only goal, and you wish to keep the budget low, consider our deer mesh option. Deer fence netting is practical because of its flexibility, durability, and ease to install.

Give Frederick Fence a call, tell us about your deer problem saga, and let us do the rest. We will send one of our expert salesman to your property to assess the situation and give you a list of options that will work for your yard. Our number is 301-663-4000.


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