Happy Fourth of July!

Written by Laura Barnsley

You have probably heard us say before that Frederick Fence Company is all about families! In honor of this value that we hold so dear, the business will be closed on the Fourth of July so that everyone can spend some quality time with family and friends!

Did you know?

We all celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, but the vote that started the push for independence took place two days before on the 2nd. July 4th was the day that congress signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence. This was very much to the disapproval of John Adams, who lived the rest of his life believing that the 2nd was the day that should be celebrated.

Are you the type that loves to seek out the best fireworks in the area, or do you prefer to stay home and cookout in the backyard? I think you will find that many here at Frederick Fence Co prefer the latter. Grilling, games, bonfires, and swimming are all so much fun! Since the backyard is the hub of all great Fourth of July celebrations, your fence can make a great deal of difference to the atmosphere of the party. Take a look at the condition of your residential fence and see if it might need some work before it can look its best for your upcoming cookout! The Frederick Fence team is always here! Our number is 301-663-4000.

Did you know?

4th of July celebrations started out as being mock funerals for King George III, whom the colonists were no longer loyal to thanks to the signing of the Declaration. Before the revolution, the King’s birthday was celebrated in very much the same way as Independence Day.

If you do not have plans to host a cookout and need some suggestions of where to go to get good food and a good view of some fireworks, here are a couple of ideas on how to spend your Fourth of July if you live in or around where we are located!

The fireworks display at the Mount Airy Carnival grounds is a well looked forward to tradition for many families in the Mount Airy/Frederick area. It is a great place to get together and tailgate while spending time together and waiting for the fireworks to begin. It takes place on July 3rd this year, so this is something fun that you can add to your agenda without interfering with your plans for the 4th.

If you are close enough to Frederick, you will definitely want to check out the Independence Day celebration going on in Baker Park. The celebration features music and other entertainment, activities for kids, food, and of course fireworks. The party starts at noon so there will be plenty of time for you and your family to see it all before the fireworks show at dusk. Parking in garages and at meters in the area will be free as well so go out early and get a good spot while they last!

Did you know?

The Liberty Bell, which has long served as a symbol of liberty and freedom in America, was cast in London? It is ironic that it should serve as a sign of independence from Britain when it was created there.

If your family already has some traditions in place that you look forward to every year we would love to hear about them! Please share all of your Fourth of July happenings below!

Happy Independence Day and have a great summer!