Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled and answered some common questions that we receive from our potential and existing customers.  We hope you will find this helpful as you plan your fencing project! If there is a question you don’t see answered here, feel free to call our office and speak to someone about it specifically.


How soon can you install my fence?

Lead times vary depending on the time of year and the material of the fence you would like installed. Spring, Summer, and Fall season lead times are anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks or more. Off season lead times are usually between 3 and 8 weeks. If you wish to know a more definite lead time on a specific type of fence, please contact our office at 301-663-4000.



Do you price match other fence companies?

Our company believes in the quality of our work and the materials we install. We also believe in the importance of good value and want to give you the best price possible. We tend to be up front with our customers and present our best price immediately, which may be higher or lower than other companies. Due to factors such as material prices and the nature and size of our company, we have only have so much room to wiggle our prices. We will strive to do our best, but we cannot guarantee a price match.


Do I need a permit for my fence?

Your sales rep will be able to tell you if you need a permit or not based on your location. We offer the service of obtaining all necessary permits for your fence, but you are also welcome to obtain it yourself.


Who handles the HOA approval process?

The homeowner is responsible for all correspondence with his or her HOA, but your sales rep will be more than happy to help you with the application. Chances are, your sales rep knows the area well and has provided estimates under that HOA before. He might have an idea of what their certain rules and regulations are for fencing.


Is it too cold to install my fence?

Nope! We install year-round. No matter how cold the weather is, the ground only freezes to a certain depth. We dig well beyond the freezing point. In addition, the concrete we use is made to generate all the heat it needs to set itself properly.


Do I have to call Miss Utility myself?

We call Miss Utility prior to the installation of your fence. We must ensure that tickets do not expire before we install to prevent any risks with hitting utility lines. We may ask you to confirm that they have been out to mark, but we coordinate the timing of it all.


What happens if you hit a utility line?

If the Miss Utility ticket has not expired and there is no marking where we hit the line, then it is the fault of the utility company or Miss Utility. Please NOTE: this goes for all PUBLIC utilities. If you have any PRIVATE utility lines: pool water lines, sprinkler systems, or underground dog fence lines, you must tell your foreman where they are located. We do not have a way of detecting them, therefore we do not take responsibility for damaged private lines.

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Who identifies property lines?

You may ask your sales representative to detect property pins with a metal detector if you know you have property pins. One way to help locate these pins is by using a property plat. Plats cannot legally be used as the sole means to locate property lines, but are very useful when determining the general location or, as previously stated, in locating pins. If you do not have property pins or other property line markers, then the only way to be sure is to hire a survey company. We will install your fence wherever you wish, whether it is on your property or not. This responsibility we leave up to the homeowner. It is up to you to identify and ensure the fence is on your own property.



Are you able to survey my property?

Unfortunately, we are not a survey company and cannot offer any of those services. We recommend finding a local licensed surveyor to locate/place property pins and provide you with a property plat if there is any dispute or misunderstanding of where your property lines are. We have seen numerous property line disputes between neighbors, from mild to extreme. Protect your investment now and in the future from any such disputes and get a survey.

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What do I do if I want to make a change while my crew is installing?

First, talk to your foreman. He will explain how it will change the job. He will then contact the office and get it authorized. You may end up discussing the aspects of the change with one of our managers or your sales representative. Any changes in price will be explained and you will be asked to sign for the official change to your contract. Finally, the change will be detailed and the price reflected on your final invoice.



How deep do you set posts?

Anywhere from 24” to 36” depending on the needs of the fence structure.


Will my grass recover from the dingo tread?

In most cases our installers use a dingo, or a compact utility tractor/mini skid loader when installing your fence. This is the most efficient method used to dig the holes for your posts. It is inevitable that some damage could be done to your grass and surrounding plants. It comes with the territory of fence work. It may take a little time, but grass always comes back better than you expect. It may look bad now, but grass is very resistant. Just give it time.



What is the warranty on my fence?

Your fence will have an 18-month craftmanship warranty. We guarantee that your fence will be installed in a professional manner and in accordance with standard procedures. The most common warranty issue that we see and cover is gate misalignment.

If it is a product defect, we will more than likely be able to appeal to the supplier for a material warranty.