Fence Co. COVID Industry Update

With 2022 now well underway, we are hoping that the worst of COVID is behind us. We know that some families are still dealing with sickness, and we acknowledge them and offer our prayers for their continued healing. As far as the fencing industry is concerned, we are beginning to see a new normal settle in. This is an update to let you know the status of fence building supplies and how business at Frederick Fence is looking overall.


Vinyl backlog– Vinyl continues to be a slower process than other materials from contract to installation, but it is improving. We would say it is well within a “normal” lead timeframe


Colored Vinyl– We have been unable to get our hands on colored vinyl for a year or more. This was especially difficult for homeowners who are only allowed to have beige or clay colored vinyl per their Homeowners Association. We simply had to turn customers away. Within the last couple of months, our supplier has begun making colors again. There are still extended lead times on colors, but we at least have access to them and can offer them as an option to our customers.



Stock Aluminum– With the help of a new supplier, our inventory of aluminum is able to keep up with demand. We are very happy to say that we have plenty to go around.


Special Order Aluminum– Our new supplier is also filling special orders, so we are once again able to offer more ornate styles and higher grades of aluminum fencing to our customers.


Cedar– Soon after COVID started we were forced to switch our cedar lumber source to an overseas product. This is still the case. We are unsure if we will ever have access to western red cedar again. Your sales rep can give you more particulars about how this new product compares to what we used to stock.


The Office– We are seeing more life back in the office again. Our sales reps are spending more time in the office, and our showroom is open to the public. We are also currently in the process of renovating the showroom. We hope you will come check it out when it is all finished in a few weeks!


We are so excited to be heading into the Spring season. Appointment slots for estimates are already filling up, so call as soon as possible if you wish to get a fence this year! We can’t wait to hear from you!