Will A Fence Increase the Value of My House?

Close your eyes and picture your dream house. Is it a neat cape cod with a white picket fence? A traditional two-story with a solid wood security fence? Or is your dream house a modern mid-century with a minimalist iron fence? Whatever your dream house looks like, one thing is for sure: it doesn’t come with a rusted Chain Link fence. Does adding a fence increase property value? Removing an unsightly, dilapidated fence virtually always adds value to your home. Putting up a new fence can also add value.

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Below are three basic principles to keep in mind when thinking about your new fence adding value to your home.

Neighborhood trends

Building a fence may not be a good idea in a neighborhood where no one else has one. No one wants their house to stand out because it doesn’t fit in. Installing fencing for house in an area where few homes have fences can draw attention to your home for the wrong reasons. Similarly, you don’t want your home to be the only one in the neighborhood without a fence. If everyone else has a fence except you, buyers will think of a fence as an expense they have to incur after they move in.

House Style

When it comes to resale value, having a fence that doesn’t match the style of your house may be worse than not having a fence at all. A sleek, modern house looks silly with an ornate wooden fence, and a quaint Victorian looks out of place when it’s flanked by a high stockade fence. Conversely, installing a fence that enhances your home’s style adds curb appeal that converts to dollars when it’s time to sell.

Copy Your Neighbors

Building a fence that looks like other fences in the neighborhood can increase the value of your home in the eyes of a buyer. A fancy brick wall or wrought iron fence can be an eyesore in an area where plain, six-foot wooden fences are the norm. Your fence should make your house look better, not like it doesn’t fit in. If you must show your creativity by adding a personal touch to your fence, think about installing a decorative gate as an accent.

In most cases, many home buyers want fences for added safety and security, but no one wants a fence that makes their house look like it doesn’t belong in the neighborhood. A fence that matches both the architectural style of a house and the look of other fences in the area will most certainly add resale value to your home.

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Image Credit: used under license from Dollar Photo Club.