When you Support Local Businesses. . .

In today’s modern world, we are all about getting a cheap product quickly. Most times without even having to leave the comfort of our homes! We will freely admit that Amazon is amazing and there are many occasions in which it is best to utilize it. What we ask is for you to consider what kind of impact you can have on your local community when you support small local businesses instead of constantly going through big corporations.

Photo source: https://downtownfrederick.org/cat/shop/


So, consider what you are achieving when you support small local businesses. When you choose small you are. . .

Getting a product that has been produced with care, passion, love, and quality. Small business owners are far more likely to present products that they are personally familiar with. They often know a lot about the products or even design/create their stock themselves.  When you choose local products, you are choosing a product that is believed in.

Supporting local families, couples, and individuals by helping them pay bills, put themselves or their kids through school, and achieve goals/dreams. 

Supporting the health of the community you live in. When you support small, you are encouraging the growth, health, and atmosphere of your town. Consider our community here in Frederick and all the local businesses that exist in the area, especially downtown. What would downtown Frederick be without any of the small businesses that line its streets?

Supporting someone’s American dream. Local businesses often begin with a dream and a talent or skill. Someone believed in that dream enough to invest in a storefront through which to share their dream with the community. When you support local you are helping dreams become successful realities!  

Creating and maintaining relationships. Small business owners are more likely to care about creating meaningful relationships with consumers that will keep them coming back. Wouldn’t you be more likely to shop at a store where the proprietors/employees recognize you? And wouldn’t you rather support a business where the proprietor is involved/around while you shop?

Supporting the economy of your local town, county, and state. Small businesses play an enormous part in the economy of a given area. They are major employers and job creators. According to Frederick County’s website, 98% of Frederick County companies employ 100 or fewer employees. When you support small, you are also keeping that much more money circulating in your local area instead of sending it off to larger national or even international corporations.


All this being said, how do you think Frederick Fence fits into these “support local” mentalities?

            We believe in our product. Ask any Frederick Fence employee and they can tell you the obvious advantages to our product over other (larger) fence companies.  We do not cut corners when it comes to the methods we use to install your product. We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide lasting fence solutions that you can have confidence in.  

            We put families first. Frederick Fence often employs two or more members of same family. We currently have at least seven families represented by two or more people employed in the field, the shop, and the office.

            We support the health of the community by choosing local ourselves. Our weekly office lunches are frequently sourced from local restaurants.  Company gear is stamped with our logo by a small local printer.  Our website is designed and run by a local company that is based in downtown Frederick. We have also been known to sponsor local events or give charitable donations to local causes. Frederick Fence cares about giving back to the community.

           We are the American Dream-come-true of our founder, Charles Powers. He took a skill that he had a talent for and turned it into a career that could support his growing family. That dream came full circle when he handed the business down to his three children and their families. Thus, the dream came full circle. Charlie is still seen around the office from time to time, but he is now even more involved in helping the community than ever through his work at The Frederick Rescue Mission.  Community and service have always been  driving forces of the company and always will.

             We support and maintain relationships. Nothing makes us happier than receiving calls from customers who had us install their fences originally, even as far back as the 1980s! Whether it is about a repair, a full replacement, or an additional project, we love hearing from our previous customers. We encourage them to call if there is ever a doubt in the quality, or if they have any kind of questions relating to their fence.




We hope you will join in the cause to support small local businesses this year! If you are local to Frederick, we want you to know that we are just stones throw away from the City, so come on by and say hello to your friendly neighborhood fence company! . . . 1505 Tilco Drive