How to Prepare for the Day of your Fence Installation

We encourage our customers to be as prepared as possible for the day of their fence install. So,  we have created a source that you can use as a checklist to make sure you are ready to go when the time comes.

Prepare your yard

Consider doing a little site preparation to make the crew’s job that much easier. Tidying the yard will keep your belongings safe and prevent your crew from having to weave around items when going back and forth from the truck to the work site. It would be nice if the grass could be mowed ahead of time as well. See if there are any low hanging limbs or brush that should be cut back from where the fence is going to go. There might be something listed about this on your contract if you have an abundance of brush, so double check to make sure it is or is not required before your installation. Lastly, make sure any gates that the crew might need to access are unlocked for them when they arrive.


Make yourself available

                Remember that the crew will need to meet with you when they arrive and before they get started on the installation. That short consultation will be the time when the installer confirms details about the fence. He will want to confirm the exact location of the fence line, corner posts, and gates. Be prepared to ask any questions or make any clarifications about your needs and desires at this time.


Decide where and how the crew should park

                Think about where your crew will have the best access to the installation site. Would you consider moving your car so that the crew can get closer to the yard?


Find a place for excess dirt

                We do not haul away the excess dirt that is removed from your fence’s post holes. We will, however, move it to any pace in your yard that you wish, such as a garden, a compost pile, or a back corner. Please try and reserve a place for the dirt ahead of time when prepping to install a fence.


Re-read your fencing contract prior to installation

It is wise to go over the original contract and fence drawing to make sure you have not missed any details. Certain details seem insignificant when you sign the contract, but once you see the fence going in the ground you might begin to realize just how important certain things are to you.


Decide on the details of your gates

                One thing that customers might not consider prior to installation is the direction of the swing of their new gates. Your installers will usually ask you about this, as well as let you know if a certain gate must swing one way or the other. This could be due to the grade of your yard, pool code rules, etc. Gate swing can be a real deciding factor on the accessibility of the gated area. Also consider which side of the gates you would like your latches to be. Sometimes this will also be determined by some factor about your yard or the material of your gate, but let you foreman know which you prefer and he will guide you.


Check emails and voice messages often

The installation department will be reaching out in one of these two ways if there is anything you need to know about your install. There could be sudden changes due to the weather, a foreman calling in sick, or material delays. Read all emails thoroughly as there is usually a lot of important information packed in there. We do it this way so that you can have constant access to that important info to look back on and review without having to call and ask to be reminded again. It is harder to remember everything that is discussed over the phone.



Are you ready for your fence installation? We hope so! Feel free to call the office if you have any doubts, questions, or details that you need to work through prior to install. Ask for Matt or Jackie in our installation department!