Mother’s Day 2022

If you don’t already know about our values here at Frederick Fence, family is the highest on that list. We would be nothing without our commitment to putting our families, and those of our staff, first! Since it is now May, we would like to once again take time to appreciate the amazing moms that make up some of the strongest and most important positions on our staff. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to these amazing women. . .


Erin is not only President of Frederick Fence Co., but the mother of four beautiful children; Isaac (12), Eli (9), Iris (7), and Arlo (5). The family just recently celebrated Arlo’s fifth birthday on May 1st, and they are also looking forward to Isaac’s birthday in June when he will become an official teenager! Eli and Iris are currently enjoying playing soccer for a team in Middletown. Erin has mixed feelings about this year as all her kids are now in school full time. Sadly, there are no more toddlers or babies at home, but Erin takes so much pride in watching her children grow up, no matter what age.  Each season is a gift that brings new joys, challenges, and blessings to her and her family.



Kelly is the proud mom of her two loving and energetic boys, Asher (6) and Finn (4).  Asher has recently discovered his love of soccer. He especially enjoys playing with Mom and his little brother, though Finn still prefers playing fun games involving trucks like Monster Jam!  Both are excited that Summer is coming up and looking forward to when they can take a trip to the beach! When Kelly isn’t busy wrangling her all-boy household, she helps run Frederick Fence as one of its co-owners. Kelly’s main roll is manager of the material sales department, along with handling many other tasks that running the company involves.



Roxanne is the first person you see when you come through our front door! She is mom to one son (Tyler) and twin daughters (Stefany and Stacy). Tyler has a son named Ewan, who will be 7 this year. Stacy also has a son named Cason, who is 2 1/2. Stacy also brought two beautiful twin girls into the world last August. You may have seen her family featured in the Frederick News Post recently! The Post shared an article that described the rare event of a twin having twins! You can read more about their story in the news article here.

From left to right: Stefany, Tyler, Roxanne, and Stacy


Cason, Brynlee, and Brianne



Joan has been with Frederick Fence for many years. She has held many different positions within the company and continues to be a constant, integral part of the team. Though she is a wonderful professional, Joan would say her greatest achievement in life has been her family. She is the proud mother of her daughter, Nikki, and grandmother to Nikki’s two sons. Hunter is sixteen years old and currently preparing to take his driver’s license test. Kaleb is fourteen years old and growing up too fast! Both are kind and devoted to their Mimi and always there for her when she needs a hand. Joan does a wonderful job of making the most out the time she spends with Nikki and the boys. She enjoys taking them shopping and preparing extra specials meals for each holiday she spends with them.


Kathy is our manager here in the office and oversees just about everything that goes on. Here she is pictured with her son, Jake, her daughter, Katie, and her son in law, Chris. Kathy is thrilled to be expecting her first granddaughter in July! She plans to travel to South Carolina to be with Katie when the baby is born. Join us as we pray for Katie to have a safe delivery as well as for Kathy to have safety on her travels!



Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there from Frederick Fence Company! We hope you know how treasured you are!