Up and Coming Modern Fence Styles


If you are interested in a more modern style of privacy fencing for your home, you may wish to consider these. Mélange, Horizontal Board, and Composite privacy fences are all rising in popularity and becoming a commonly requested style. You can learn more about these modern fence designs and why they are so popular below!



The word “mélange” means mixture or medley. That is exactly what this type of fencing is. . . a mixture of two  different fencing materials. It starts with a basic frame made from aluminum or steel, then the sections are filled with anything from wood, vinyl, or composite materials. You can have your pick of colors and textures depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The framing itself can be customized as well. Choose from various tones of black, bronze, white or gray. The sky is the limit with mélange privacy fencing. It is just about as modern as you can get in the fencing market right now, and it can be the perfect modern fence design for your home and yard.



Composite fencing in and of itself is a very modern product. It is a commercially produced material that is almost totally maintenance free! Did you know that some composites are eco-friendly as well? Now that’s modern! Trex uses 96% recycled materials ranging from wood to plastics. They even put their own scraps back to use. We have seen the demand for wood fencing continue to rise to incredible heights over the last 2-3 years. It is impossible for trees to be able to keep up with the demand. Do the word’s forests a favor and choose an environmentally friendly alternative to cedar, pine, or other kinds of wood fencing; one that will give you the same look, but provide an even better, longer lasting fence solution.

photos from Trexfencing.com


Horizontal Board

Horizontal board privacy and semi-privacy fences are becoming very popular choices as they can accommodate a lower budget than the other types mentioned above. They are constructed completely from pressure treated pine or cedar. While still being very natural in material, horizontal board is more modern in style, the perfect blend. It is a very good choice of fencing if you are looking to modernize your home without doing a total exterior renovation. It is modern fence design, but not TOO modern. It can bring out the modern aspects of your home and give a more modern FEEL. You can customize the design with this quite a bit. Choose the board size as well as the spacing between the boards to get the look you want. Add a center board between the sections, or don’t. . . it is all up to you!




Let us know if you are interested in one of these fencing solutions for your home! We would love to answer any questions you have about these styles and even come out and give you a free on-site estimate. Just call 301-663-400