The Ins and Outs of Split Rail Fencing

Split rail is one of the most common types of fencing we install. . . and for good reason! Split rail accommodates a variety of fencing needs. It is also cost effective compared to similar styles, such as paddock and estate fencing. This post will tell you all about the ins and outs of split rail fencing, and hopefully help you determine whether or not it may be the right fence for you!


Characteristics of Split Rail

Frederick Fence Company’s split rail fence is a traditional yet timeless style of fence that has been trusted by a variety of consumers for many years. It is constructed from the freshest pressure treated pine posts and rails. It is long lasting and low maintenance. The makeup of the fence makes it easy to replace any broken rails or posts. The installation of this fence is simple compared to other styles, and wire can be added to increase the level of security and integrity. All these factors together make split rail an ideal fence for many different purposes.

Split Rail Style Options

Split rail fencing comes in 2, 3, and 4 rail options with a certain height associated with each. The height can be customized slightly, but not too much since the posts come precut. You also have the option to add galvanized, black, green, or even white wire mesh to your split rail fence if you choose.



Gate Options: Picket vs split rail

Some would say that split rail gates (pictured below, right) are the more aesthetic option for a split rail fence, but there are serval reasons why the picket gate (picture below, left) is our favorite gate to pair with split rail fences. First, picket gates can be constructed out of cedar boards, which makes the gate lighter and less likely to sag and go out of alignment. Split rail gates are much heavier because they are made of large pressure treated pine rails. Cedar is also less prone to warping and twisting, making it ideal for proper gate function. Another reason why picket gates are preferred is because they are constructed on-site and customized to the lay of each specific yard and grade. Split rail gates are ordered from our supplier and are much more difficult to customize or change on site if necessary.


Uses for Split Rail

Pet Containment – Split rail is a favorite choice for pet fencing! It is affordable, sturdy, practical, and holds up against the wear and tear that some pets can put on fencing.

Child Safety – For many years now split rail fencing has been a trusted option chosen to keep children safe. Wire can be added to the inside of the fence to discourage climbing over and through the rails.

Property Border – Split rail is often used as a border or boundary marker for property lines. The two-rail style is an especially cost effective and attractive option to fit this purpose.

Pool Code Compliant – Split rail can also be made to comply with pool code! 1”x2” wire mesh can be added to any 4’ or 5’ tall style; coupled with the proper self-closing gate hardware, you now have yourself a pool code compliant fence.


Confident that split rail is the fence for you? Give us a call and we will send someone out to meet with you and provide a free quote to install your favorite style! We can’t wait to work with you! 301-663-4000, request a quote.