Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Fencing

Frederick Fence Company loves pets! Check out our Dog Blog and we’ll prove it to you! We could have anywhere from 1 to 3 dogs here in the Fence Co. office at a given time. We know that pet containment and pet safety are primary motivators for having a fence installed, so we want to make sure we offer great options for our fellow pet lovers.


What is the right fence for my dog?

The right dog fence for your property will be determined by a number of variables including the size of your dog, its level of athleticism, whether or not they dig and try to escape, and your budget needs. Frederick Fence offers many fencing options that are great for dogs; options in wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link! Among the most popular are 4 or 5-rail split rail fencing with wire mesh, 5’+ tall chain link, and aluminum puppy picket.

What is the most affordable dog fence?

Our most affordable dog fences are split rail and chain link. Both options are very effective and popular choices as well!  Ask your Frederick Fence sales representative to price up both options so you can compare.

Do you install farm fencing?

We do not offer installation of post and wire or posts with high tensile wire for farms. We do, however, install some other popular farm fence options like ranch/paddock/estate fencing in wood or PVC.

Do you offer any cat fence options?

We do! Keep your cats safe and contained while they enjoy the outdoors with cat net extensions! Pictured below is some of what we have installed for a cat-loving customer in the area.


What is the best fence for small dogs?

Any fence with added wire mesh can be a great option for keeping small pets in. If you are interested in something a little more aesthetic than wire, there is also an aluminum picket style that was created to suit small dogs. It is very appropriately called “Puppy Picket” and has “double” pickets or very narrow spaced pickets along the bottom of each section. This makes the fence too narrow for small dogs to pass through.

My dog digs a lot, what is the right fence for me?

Tension wire can be added to the bottom of wire mesh or chain link fences to add stability and discourage pets from bending the wire and squeezing underneath. We can also offer to trench your fencing into the ground below up to a few inches to prevent light diggers from escaping. Beyond these few extra precautions, we cannot guarantee your pet will not dig underneath the tension wire or trenched fencing and escape.

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Will my yard be exposed during my fence replacement project?

In most cases, your fence can be completely replaced in just one or two days. If not, then it is possible for our crews to remove and replace fencing in smaller portions so that your yard is left still enclosed at the end of each work day or over the weekend. Just make sure you let us know if this is a necessity for you.

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