Fence Associations in the US

Yes, there are Associations in existence that fencing companies such as Frederick Fence can belong to and benefit from. The purpose of these associations is to provide a high standard of professionalism, ethics, and education within the fencing industry. Fence associations help each member achieve these standards within their own businesses so that the greater part of North American fence customers can obtain the best product and service possible. Fence associations help keep fence companies accountable to the association and to each other for the work and service they provide. It is a good sign when you see that your fence contractor is a member of a greater fencing association. Presented below are two of the largest and most well known fencing associations in the U.S.


About AFA – American Fence Association

Since 1962, the American Fence Association has existed for the purpose of “benefiting fence industry professionals and consumers by promoting the highest levels of professionalism and ethics through the education and certification of its members.”

AFA strives to offer their members the chance to have a “competitive edge” on other businesses in the industry. They do this by offering schooling at their six different schools. Every topic from fence installation to fence sales can be mastered at one of AFA’s industry schools. Fence companies can benefit from an enhanced image, greater professionalism, and even better insurance by being a member of AFA.


About NAFCA – North American Fence Contractors Association

NAFCA exists for the purpose of “bringing together fence contractors and vendors for their mutual benefit and the integrity of the industry.”

NAFCA prioritizes the improvement of education for fence builders and has held a fencing school every year since its founding in 2011. The association is run by volunteers, which means membership costs stay affordable for businesses. Membership with the North American Fence Contractors Association also means access to networking events, volunteer opportunities, regular newsletters and featured fencing news, and even discounts at some vendors. NAFCA wants its members to “help their employees develop the skill sets, learn about changes in the industry, and develop closer ties with other fence professionals and vendors.”

Where does Frederick Fence Company fall?

Until recently, Frederick Fence was a member of both of these associations. Our leaders spent time benefiting from all that each membership had to offer. Although we are no longer members, we have not disassociated ourselves from the fencing industry as a whole in North America. We stay connected by attending yearly conventions, we continue to stay up to date on all the happenings in the fence industry, and we keep in touch with competitors and vendors who we know will help challenge and spur us on to be the best fence company we can be. The “Frederick Fence Difference” is something we pride ourselves on; something we strive to provide to every single customer we serve. We hope you’ll give us a chance to prove it when it comes time for your next fence project!

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