Choosing a Fence that Fits your Lifestyle

Finding the right fence for you and your property can be difficult. Contemplating certain aspects about your lifestyle can help! Take a look at the points below and consider if any of these will be a deciding factor when choosing you perfect fence.

Budget- What can you afford?

Fencing options can vary in price depending on your budget needs. If you have a flexible budget, you will be able to consider styles and materials of fences that are higher quality and have a longer lifespan than the average. Examples of this are Cedar, Vinyl, Trex Composite, and high-grade Aluminum. Budget-friendly fences mean a lower grade material, but you will still have the benefit of expert installation done by Frederick Fence crews. Examples of our more budget friendly fences are Stockade, Chain Link, and Split Rail. There are many different types that fall in between the high and low end of cost, so talk to your Fence Co. sales rep about your specific needs. He can help you find a configuration that will hopefully work for your budget.

Keep in mind that Fredrick Fence also offers our customers a chance to finance their fence project through Wells Fargo. Choose from two options: 0% interest for 12 months or 9.9% fixed interest.

Can you do it yourself?

For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle and have the time, energy, and know-how to construct a fence themselves. . . you have the option to save the cost of labor and do it yourself! We have a retail department that can price up all the materials you will need. We offer pickup or local delivery of your supplies. Consider enlisting some friends and family to help with the installation process, and call us if you have any questions along the way.

Aesthetics- How important are looks to you?

Maybe you value looks over a certain function for your fence. We offer fence styles to go with any style; traditional, modern, classic, etc. Consider ornamental aluminum in a variety of color options, “mélange” or steel frame with wood or vinyl inserts, or vinyl in any color with lattice topper! You can also take your wood fence to the next level by adding additional details such as trim boards, lattice, and decorative post tops.

Pets- What types of pets do you have and need to contain?

Pets are a primary reason residents order fencing. If you have a dog you wish to contain, consider a wood fence with wire mesh attached, or puppy picket aluminum, which has very narrow spaced pickets at the bottoms of each section (pictured below). Privacy or picket fencing is also a good option for dogs. We have even installed unique cat net extensions for a customer who wished to keep his cats safely contained in his yard.

Family- Do you have young children or family members that would benefit from a fenced space?

It is also a main concern for our customers who have children to provide them with a safe outdoor space in which to spend time.  A fence can provide peace of mind to parents, knowing their children are playing outside safely without having to constantly watch them. Wood and vinyl privacy and picket fences are good no-climb fencing options. Paddock and estate styles will also provide good and safe border fences for your property. Wire mesh installed on the inside of these fences will add additional security.

Safety- do you have a pool or retaining walls that require a fence for safety reasons?

The existence of a pool will always be the primary determining factor when choosing a fence style. Our most popular pool code style fences are aluminum and vinyl picket. Wood fences can also be made to meet pool code regulations. If you desire a fence with wire mesh, the mesh must be a smaller size than what is usually the standard; 1×2 welded wire or mini-mesh chain link.

Holidays and Entertaining- do you enjoy entertaining company outside?

If you have an outdoor living space in which you enjoy spending time or entertaining guests, we have fencing options for you as well. We offer decorative styles that can enhance your space as well as provide privacy so you can enjoy your guests in a more private setting. Consider wood options such as privacy, semi privacy, or full lattice panels. EcoStone by CertainTeed is a long-lasting decorative option that ties into existing stone hardscaping. Choose from a variety of color options to get the look you desire!



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