Purchasing DIY Materials

Need a fence? Think you can do it yourself? We have everything you’ll need to get the job done. But, how does it work? Where do you start? What do you need to know before buying DIY fencing materials? Here is a list of things to consider before placing an order with us!



Create your plan

Decide on fence style and material

Ask yourself what is the purpose of the fence before deciding on a certain style; is it for a pool, to keep dogs in, to keep deer out, for a garden, the top of a retaining wall? The answer to this question will be the primary deciding factor when it comes to narrowing down your fencing options.

Next, you should take some time to browse different fencing materials and styles to decide what exactly fits your purpose and needs! We have a few resources that can help determine what type of fence suits each function best. Take a look. . .

Types of Fences

Prioritizing: Get the Fence You Need and Want


We also have lots of photos in our website gallery and on Facebook page that can provide you with some inspiration.

If you prefer to see our various fencing styles in person, you can visit our grounds and our showroom where we have examples of vinyl and aluminum materials on display. Our showroom address is 1505 Tilco Drive Frederick, MD 21704.


Identify Property lines

Making a plan requires knowing what space you have available to you to occupy with your fence. Many customers have come to us believing they own a certain area of property, when in fact they do not. We highly recommend getting a survey of your land before putting up any fencing. Trust us when we say it is wise to know your land and avoid any neighbor/property line disputes that could arise down the road.


Make a rough fence layout     

Where will you install your fence? Will it take up the entire backyard? Each side yard? Will it enclose your shed or meet at the corners? Consider property lines as well… will you go right up to the line or stay inside of it on one or all sides?


Consider gates

How many gates do you need and how large do they need to be? One 4’ gate can be perfectly functional for some homeowners. On the other hand, if you have a large mower or ever need to drive a vehicle into your yard, you will definitely need to consider a 5’ single gate or even a double gate somewhere in your layout.


follow any HOA or municipality requirements

We strongly suggest doing everything you can to adhere to the regulations of your HOA, County, City, or Town. Refusing to do so will only cause issues for you in the future . . . trust us. Avoid permit violations and fines and stay on your HOA’s good side by following the rules.


Execute your plan

Take measurements

Now that you know a general idea of where your fence will go and what the layout will look like, it’s time to take measurements. List the linear footage of all sides and note how many corners, gates, and end points there are to your fence. Also note any questions you may wish to ask our sales reps when you get to the next step in the process. . .


Call our office

It is always wise to call our retail department before coming in. You will want to make sure that we have access to the materials you wish to order. Start by having a conversation with a sales rep and letting them know your plans. They have the wisdom and know-how to answer any questions, point you in the right direction, or lead you away from a bad direction.

They can also provide lead times and availability on all materials. Some materials we keep in stock at constantly. Others, such as vinyl or custom cut wood items, we keep in stock but must fabricate in the shop according to your specifications before you can take them with you. Some materials even require a special order through our suppliers.

Lastly, our sales reps can provide you with estimates for DIY fencing materials based on your measurements and plans. You can also ask for price comparisons on different materials if your primary desire is to keep costs low.


Place your order

When you are ready to place your order, you can come in or call to submit it. Roxanne or Kenny walk you through the ordering process and notify you when the order is ready for pickup!


Pickup or delivery?

You are welcome to pick up your order if you have the appropriate vehicle to haul your fence materials in. If you do not, we offer delivery to your address. Just ask about it when you talk to one of our sales reps! Orders may be picked up by coming into the showroom and letting Roxanne or Kenny know you are here. They will direct you to our yard where our team will load your order into your vehicle.



If you find that you have questions about your materials while you are installing them, please do not hesitate to call us. We will walk you through any of the steps and answer any questions as best we can.