All About Trex

What is Trex?

Trex is a company that produces composite materials for a variety of outdoor structures, such as fencing, decking, furniture, and storage. Trex has been the leading provider of composite fencing since its founding in 1996.


What is composite material?

Composite panels may look similar to vinyl upon first glance, but if you look more closely you will see that the material is actually flecked and grainy; hinting at the true recycled mixture that makes up the structure. 96% of composite fencing is made up of recycled wood and plastic materials. Not one tree has been cut in the name of Trex materials. It is their firm promise! In addition, Trex is one of the largest plastic bag recycling companies in the United States. Cool huh?


Characteristics of Trex

Trex is Durable– It may be common-place to think that a product made from recycled materials would be questionable in its integrity. On the contrary, Trex guarantees that its composite decking panels will never warp, splinter, split, or rot. It is also resistant to any type of destructive critter such as termites!

Trex is Strong– Need a fence that is strong and secure? Trex is the way to go. You may think you are looking at a wall instead of a fence when you encounter Trex privacy fence panels. Compared to vinyl, Trex has much greater strength due to its higher grade material as well as the composition of its panels.

Trex is Long lasting– Trex is right up there with the longest lasting fence materials on the market. It is a one-and-done type of fence that is guaranteed to last for rest of your life and beyond!

Trex is Private– Trex composite fencing is one of the few fences that guarantees complete and total privacy with no chance of there being any gaps between slats.

Trex is Eco friendly– As we previously stated in the first few paragraphs, Trex is completely and totally ecofriendly. Not only is the fencing itself an ecofriendly product, but so is the way the company operates.

Trex is Wind Resistant– Trex is the perfect product for those who live in high wind areas. Trex fencing was officially tested for performance against high winds in 2020. The results were very impressive! A 6’ tall Trex fence can withstand up to 130mph sustained winds! An 8’ tall fence can withstand up to 100mph sustained winds! That is as much as a category 3 and category 2 hurricane! When you choose Trex, you are choosing peace of mind in any and all events of bad weather.



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