7 Stylish Ideas for Picket Fence Tops

If you want a fence that offers both a decorative and cost-effective way for creating a boundary on your property, consider the picket fence.  Made up of evenly spaced vertical boards—the pickets—that you attach to horizontal rails, picket fences remain one of the most popular fences in the nation. 

One of the reasons home owners love picket fence ideas is that they can design them with a bit of creativity in mind since there’s a wide variety of styles to choose from with these 7 stylish ideas for picket fence tops. These types of picket fences allow you to create a boundary that showcases your land and keeps your children and pets safe inside your property.

Here are 7 stylish ideas for picket fence tops you can use to inspire your next fence project:

1. Colonial Gothic (or French Gothic) Picket Tops

Image credit: BigStockPhoto (used under license).

If you’re looking for elegant and ornamental picket fence patterns, the Colonial Gothic or French Gothic picket top ranks among one of the most popular ways to design a picket fence.  Traditionally, the top embellishment, or Fleur De Lis, symbolizes French royalty; it also represents perfection, light, and life—making it a highly appropriate way to showcase a homeowner’s satisfaction with their environment.  At Frederick Fence, we refer to these picket fence ideas as our Fredericktown fence.

2. Flat-Top Pickets

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Flat-top craftsman style picket fence tops are a classic, yet understated, style that will match any home’s design, but this style matches particularly well with Craftsman style homes.

3. Rounded Picket Tops

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If you want something simple but stylish that goes beyond the basic flat-top picket fence, the Rounded, or Comus, picket top is a great option.  This classic style is among our most popular and adds great visual appeal to any environment.

4. Dog-Ear Picket Tops

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Dog-ear picket fence top, another of our most popular styles, consists of pickets where the top corners are cut-off at an angle, creating a ‘dog-ear’ to the fence picket.

5. Gothic Picket Tops 

Image credit: BigStockPhoto (used under license).

A lot of folks like the overall look of the Gothic (or Victorian) wooden picket fence, which offers a smooth pointed top on each picket, similar to Colonial Gothic, but without the side notches cut out.

6. Pointed (or Spear) Picket Fence Tops 

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Very similar to the Gothic style pickets, Pointed (or Spear) style pickets have an angle at the top that comes to a sharp point. These mix well with more ornate posts, such as a Colonial Gothic post, which can add a bit of variety to the visual flow of your fence top.

7. Convex (Scalloped) and Concave Picket Fence Tops

Another picket fence top option that offers great visual appeal is to design the picket tops in a convex or concave pattern, where there’s either a patterned rounding or dip—custom cut during installation—cut into the picket fence tops between the posts.

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As you can see from the pictures, these custom patterns can create a sense of flow and enhance the look of your property and are much more aesthetically pleasing than a tall privacy fence.

Thinking about a picket fence for your property that incorporates stylish options to add visual appeal? After reading about these 7 stylish ideas for picket fence tops, we’re here for any questions or concerns. Contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE and we’ll help you design a fence that meets your needs and your budget!

Have a stylish picket fence idea you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see your pictures in the comments below!