Mothers Day


Written by Laura Barnsley

Spring is upon us and we are thrilled to be heading into what looks like will be another exciting busy season here at Frederick Fence, but before everything gets too crazy in the coming spring and summer months, we have the joy of Mother’s Day to celebrate. Mother’s Day is a great time especially for us to reflect on how each of the families here at our residential and commercial fencing company have grown in the last year.

Diane Powers, wife of Charlie and mother of Erin, Todd, and Kelly is enjoying watching as her family continues to grow and expand. Now that all have become spouses, and two are parents, Diane is in awe at the way her children are taking on all kinds of new roles so well. Family dinner on Sundays is always a great time for the family to bond and for the grandchildren to grow their friendships with each other.

The wedding celebration of Todd and Laura back in August of 2018 was a very special time for the family to celebrate each of its members and welcome new members as well.

Matt and Erin can hardly believe how fast their four children are growing right before their eyes. Isaac is nine, Eli is six, Iris is four, and Arlo is two. As the mother of these four, Erin is excited to watch as each of her children grows and develops his/her own special gifts and talents.

The Burke family is excited to celebrate the second birthday of their youngest son, Arlo, this month. Having gone through rather a hard time dealing with medical issues when he was born, it is especially meaningful to be able to celebrate the gift that he is to the family. 

Although this marks the end of almost ten years of having at least one baby in the family, the Burke’s are thrilled to be able to celebrate each milestone the years to come will bring.

The Orman family’s two boys, Asher and Finn, are loving learning new things and experiencing all that life has to offer them. Asher (3) has just started his first year of playing soccer. Mom and dad are always cheering him on from the sidelines and Finn would love nothing more than to get out there and play alongside his big brother/best friend.

Being the mom of two such adventurous and energetic little boys can be nothing short of crazy sometimes, but Kelly would not trade it for anything. She can hardly put into words how much fun this life of being Asher and Finn’s mom is.

Perry and Kelly love the idea of adding new members to their little family and are excited to be considering adoption as a way to expand. The whole family will soon be moving into the dream home they have been working so hard to build for the past nine months. They are eagerly anticipating being able to experience more fun as a family in the great outdoors.

Another special mother to the Frederick Fence company is Roxanne Henline, who is celebrating the bittersweet fact that her two girls and son are adults now, some even with children of their own. This mom really enjoys how she is able to serve her children by supporting them, giving them unconditional love, and being there when they need her.

Roxanne has had the chance to show that support and love especially this past year as there have been some big changes as well as tough times for them as a family. She is happy to say that they have come through it stronger together, and continues to look forward to what the next year has to offer.

We would love for you to leave a comment below telling us about your family or a special mother in your life. If you are a mom yourself, like so many here at Frederick Fence, tell us what you love about doing one of the most important jobs there is.

Happy Mother’s Day!