Fencing Etiquette


That pristine 7-foot-tall vinyl privacy fence might sound like your dream addition to your property, but have you given any thought to how those living near you might feel about it? We believe it is within your best interest in many cases to consider a few points of fence etiquette before having your fence installed. Taking your neighbor’s feelings into account will serve you better in the long run. Trust us! We are not saying you should neglect getting the fence you need and want, but there are small adjustments that can make a big difference in the eyes of others. You might be glad you chose something that was a bit of a compromise, instead of the intrusive option you were considering earlier.

Respect Property Boundaries

Our policy is to install your fence a few inches within your property line. This is required by law in some counties, but in others it is simply for the sake of ensuring your fence is protected from any property boundary disputes that might happen in the future.


We highly encourage you to be sure about where your property lines are before we install your fence. If you or your neighbor have no documentation or proof of where the property lines are, we suggest getting a survey done. If it by chance results in a situation where your neighbor has a fence or another object intruding a few inches onto your property, we beg you to let it go and move on. A nice relationship with your neighbor is not worth risking for a couple of inches. We have seen too many situations like this cause unhappy disputes.


We also do not want you to ever assume your neighbor is ok with you using their existing fence line as your fence line on the adjoining sides of your yard. Ask your neighbors if they are ok with you using their fence as a boundary on that side before either assuming they are ok with it or paying to have a whole other fence line installed right next to it.

Follow your HOA Rules

Abiding by the rules of your HOA from the beginning saves a lot of hassle down the road. We know that some HOA’s can be very restricting, but there is no way out of them, and trying to get something installed that they will not allow will only result in fines or extra money spent on changing the fence later. Our sales representatives are experienced in the areas that they serve. It is very likely that they are well versed in the fencing regulations of your HOA.


Consider Street Corners and Drivers on the Road

Corner properties can be difficult to fence, especially in front yards. Some municipalities regulate fence height and distance from the road in order to minimize the effect on driver visibility. We have experienced cases where we have installed fences too close to the road and gotten complaints from residents who frequent those streets. We recommend that you investigate any laws in your area that might restrict your fence design. Additionally, we encourage you to be generally considerate and generous when it comes to height and distant to the road.



We want you to take as much pride in your new fence as we do! A major way this can be achieved is by making sure you follow certain “rules” of fence etiquette. We encourage all our customers to consider the points we have discussed here, but at the end of the day we will install the fence that you want. You are our first priority and we hope you will enjoy working with us as much as we will working with you!