Frederick Fence Co, A Day in the Life



By 6:00 in the morning the installation crews are arriving to prepare for their daily fence project assignments. Preparations include fueling trucks, loading lumber, and collecting the tools all necessary tools. Eric, our installation manager, oversees them all. He makes sure everyone knows where they need to go and that they get there in a timely manner.

You might also spot Eddie, our yard manager, helping coordinate and doing what he can to make sure everyone is sent off smoothly.

Jackie arrives here in the installation department just as early as the crews. She is ready to take calls from any customers who might be wondering when their crew will be arriving. She is also available to anyone who might have questions, concerns, or need to notify of urgent last minutes changes to their schedule. In cases of inclement weather, Jackie is the one who informs customers concerning any delays or cancelations.



at 7:00, Roxanne is arriving at her desk in the retail department showroom. She begins taking early morning orders for materials and coordinating order pick ups. The bustle continues outside as we load materials for retail customers while our crews head out the gate!

The vinyl and wood shops are up and running for the day by now as well. They  measure, cut, route, trim, and smooth the materials for each fencing project.



At 8:00, we begin receiving deliveries of wood, vinyl, aluminum and other fencing materials that will be added to our stock in the yard.

A couple of team members are just about finished with the morning’s routine cleaning as additional staff begin to trickle in. Joan is already hard at work on tasks for our HR department, processing new fence jobs, and entering them in our system. Erica gets to work returning calls or emails from individuals who have asked for estimates over the past evening or weekend. The monotonous accounting, billing, pay role, and permitting tasks pick up where they left off the day before.



As you walk through the halls later on, you may come across a sales representative or two, coming in to do paperwork when they are not out meeting with potential customers. Since the start of COVID, our sales reps have mostly been working from home. A few however, still schedule office days where they come in to do paperwork, turn in contracts they have sold recently, and check in with our sales manager, Bill.

You may also hear and spot Charlie, our beloved founder, coming down the halls and greeting everyone he meets with a “Hi! How are you?!” He does everything from assisting sales reps and meeting with customers to fine tuning price lists and boosting moral! He might have a meeting with one or all of his children, who now own and run the company.

You will probably see Erin, Kelly, and Todd multiple times throughout the day as well! Kelly and Todd handle ordering materials and managing different aspects of our fence supply company. Erin is the president who oversees everyone in the office, everyone in the field, and every single fencing job that is sold, processed, and installed.



In the installation department, Matt and Jackie are busy taking and making calls to schedule fences that are due to be installed within the next few days. They let customers know when they can expect the crew to arrive on the day of installation and what they can expect to see happen. Jackie calls Miss Utility in preparation for all upcoming jobs. Matt lets our customers know approximate timeframes of when their fence will be installed. He also makes sure that we have everything we need from them in order to complete the project, i.e. their HOA approval, a clear fence line, etc.

Eric is also available to handle any issues or questions that come in from customers who are currently having their fences installed that day. He also works on finalizing the installation schedule and determines which crews will install which fences, since not all our crews are alike.



By 3 or 3:30, crews start arriving back here and the office winds down for the day. Everything will start over again in the morning. The Frederick Fence team will give more estimates, install more fences, and make more customers happy.