5 Attractive Dog Fence Ideas for Your Yard

If you’re a dog owner, you most likely consider the dog to be just as much a part of your family as you do your children or even your spouse.  There’s truly something wonderful about having a four-legged friend in your life.  The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to head outside and roam free to where the dog simply wanders off and cannot find its way home or wind up in a fatal accident.  Having a dog fence is a great way to protect that special family member. 

a cute dog's nose and tongue poking out of a hole in the fence l
Above: A goofy dog sticking his nose and tongue through a hole in the fence trying to use his best sense and find out what is happening on the other side.
Phote Credit: BigStockPhoto (used under license).

A dog fence offers a pet owner a bit of security, knowing that you don’t always have to keep your eye on where the dog is at all times.  This is especially true if you happen to have a dog who lives for the outdoors and loves having a space it can run to its heart’s content.  A good outdoor dog fence serves as a proper barrier to keep a pet inside the yard and in a safe place—with you and your family. Fences also protect your dog and your other loved ones safe from any strays or other wild animals.

If you’re looking to protect your furry four-legged friend and keep your pet safe and sound and also want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your yard, here are some popular dog fences for yards our customers typically go for:

A Traditional Dog Fence: Split Rail

Above: A group of dogs gather around the edge of the yard by the split rail fence.
Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/ekK5bA

Split rail fences or log fences are constructed out of pine, usually split lengthwise into rails and remains one of the oldest and most reliable fences for keeping a dog inside the yard. They are very simple in their construction and you can build these fences almost anywhere, even on hard or rocky ground.  Split rail fences also provide a much more open view; clients often like the traditional and yet professional look they add to their landscape.  However, this fence often requires some type of fabric—like welded wire—inside the fence and close to the ground to keep the dog fenced in.  Split rail is virtually maintenance free once installed so you’ll spend more time enjoying your four-legged friend rather than having to deal with the fence.

The American Dream of Dog Fences: Picket Fence

Time and time again we get customers who talk about the American dream of having a little house with a white picket fence that keeps a dog inside the yard.  It’s a highly economical choice that offers closely spaced solid wood slats that can prevent escape as well as bias-cut tops that discourage jumping.  You can purchase wooden picket fence materials in various heights as well, depending upon the size of your dog.  Even better news about picket fences is that you can have your choice of decorative picket tops—from rounded or straight edges to ornate curves and arches.  I also recommend this option especially to customers who have smaller, non-aggressive dogs.

However, if you are the proud owner of a more athletic or aggressive dog who is prone to barking at every passerby, you may wish to consider some of our other options.

Dog Fence With An Ornamental Edge: Aluminum

Walking wolfhound in the park.
Above: A husky trotting around the yard enclosed by an aluminum fence.
Photo credit: DollarPhotoClub (used under license).

If you’re less concerned with privacy and still want to treat your dog to a neighborhood view, consider a high-quality aluminum fence.  With an aluminum fence, you have a wide array of options to choose from—all of which can add a highly elegant look to your property while keeping your dog safe and sound inside your yard.  Depending upon the kind of dog you own, there are three ratings of aluminum fence to choose from, which means you may want to select a heavier, more industrial style fence if you happen to own a slightly aggressive or larger sized dog.

With aluminum, you can also purchase what’s called “puppy pickets,” which means that lower portion of the fence has pickets spaced closer together so that your furry friend won’t be able to squeeze through the fence and wander off.  Puppy pickets can give your dog fence a unique appearance that some customers think looks more stylish compared to traditional ornamental fences.

Dog Fence for Privacy: Solid Wood

Above: A dog running free in the backyard surrounded by a
wood privacy fence with lattice top.
Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/84fo9Q

If you happen to be the proud pet owner of the noisiest dog on the block who loves to bark at anything that passes by your front yard or treats your neighbors as if they were intruders, a solid wood fence offers a classic look that blocks your dog’s view of what’s beyond the fence and (hopefully) reduces the amount of barking your dog does. In addition to solid wood panels, you can still be highly creative in your design by adding a lattice top or some kind of other geometrical pattern.

Another benefit of a wood fence is that it offers a bit more stability and security if you own a highly active dog who loves to jump as you can design a fence tall enough to prevent your dog from escaping the confines of your yard.  This is often important for that dog owner who owns a dog that loves the great outdoors and needs a solid barrier to keep the animal from wanting to chase either another animal—particularly a cat, rabbit or even another dog.

We offer a variety of wood options so you can build a fence that serves as both a strong barrier to protect your pet while also adding some beauty and added sight appeal to your property.

Dog Fence That Lasts a Lifetime: Vinyl

Above: A beautiful vinyl privacy fence that protects the family dog from
running wild into the woods.
Image ©2014 Frederick Fence Co. All rights reserved.

If you want a fence that is easy to maintain and makes your yard look impeccably elegant while also keeping your dog safely inside your property, consider a vinyl fence.  Vinyl fencing is built to last and is made of highly durable materials to where it will never fade.  Other than the occasional use of a garden hose to keep it clean, vinyl fencing is truly maintenance free and will never fade or warp.

If you want dog fence panels that last beyond your own lifetime in the home or the lifetime of several generations of puppies, vinyl is the best way to go. At Frederick Fence, we offer more than 30 distinctive dog fencing ideas for our customers to choose from, all fabricated with 100% Virgin Vinyl.

Of course, we recommend that when purchasing a dog fence that you take everything into consideration—from the size of your dog and its temperament to your budget.  Our goal is to design a fence for you that offers you the comfort in knowing that your dog will always be with you and live in a safe environment.  After all, your dog IS your best friend! Check out more information here about Fencing For Dogs.

Ready to build a dog fence for your precious four-legged friend?  Contact us today and we’ll help you design a fence that meets your needs!

Got pictures of your dog enjoying its outdoor living space? Share them with us below—we love seeing dogs enjoying their freedom in a fenced-in yard!