Your Fence From Start to Finish.

Okay. . . so you need a fence.

Where do you start?

What kind of options are out there?

Who do you call?

The last question is the easiest to answer. No, it’s not ghost busters… it’s Frederick Fence Company! 301-663-4000 is the magic number to call in order to get the ball rolling.

Tell us you need a fence

Someone will answer and happily point you in the right direction to get you started in the process. Either our scheduler Shannon or someone else will ask you some questions about where you are located and how you heard about us. Then, Shannon will set up an appointment for you to meet with a salesman at your property. We schedule estimates as quickly as the next day in many cases, if not within 2 or 3 days.

Work with one of our expert salesmen

The salesmen here at Frederick Fence Co. are dedicated to designing the best solution for you based on your needs, desires, and property layout. Meeting with a salesman entails being at the appointment, letting them take measurements and observe the property, and telling them what you are looking for in a fence. They will give you all the options and pricing you need to make a decision. Daring to customize? No problem! There is no height our team won’t reach to see your vision come to life! Tell them what you want and let them do the hard work.

Your salesman will then get to work on a contract proposal for you. If you discussed a few different options, he may send more than one. Check the height, material, color, and other specifications on the contracts to make sure you are signing the right one and getting the fence you want! Once you are completely happy with it and ready to commit to a beautiful and lasting Frederick Fence, sign it and send it in along with your deposit.

Pay your Deposit

There are basically three ways in which you can pay your deposit. The first is to simply give us a call and give Erica your credit card number. She can run it then and there while you are on the phone with her. The second way is to pay online. Just go to our website, (if you are reading this you are there now) click on “pay online” at the top, and follow the steps. The third way is by check or cash. You can send it by mail or drop it off!

Please note that we have financing available as well, which would mean a bit of a different process for you. As always, if you have any questions along the way please do not hesitate to call! Kathy can give you all the information you need regarding financing.

Obtain your Permit and/or HOA Approval

Need a permit or HOA approval for your fence? How about both? Frederick Fence Co. has been pulling permits for years. We know all the ins and outs and if you would like, we will even pull the permit for you! Just provide us with the property plat or let us know if you do not have one and we will take it from there.

HOA approvals are sometimes tricky, but our salespeople are well versed in what is needed for the typical HOA and will help you in the application process in any way they can.

After you purchase your fence, our customer relationship manager, Matt, will contact you and keep you informed throughout the process. He will let you know if there is anything else that we need in order to keep things moving (i.e. a property plat or an HOA approval). Each project has different needs and specifications, therefore each one has a unique projected installation date. If you have any questions or concerns while you wait, give Matt a call! He will be happy to talk to you about your fence.

Stand by for Installation

Once we are about a week away from your approximate installation time frame, Jackie or Matt will call you to pick a day for your installation to take place. For unpredictable reasons, such as rain and other factors, we do not schedule more than one week in advance. This prevents us from having to constantly move customers around on the schedule. In the event of rain or other extenuating circumstances, Jackie will give you a call to let you know what is going on and when you can expect to see the installation crew.

Meet the Installation Crew

On the day of your fence installation we ask that you just be there when the team arrives. If your fence will take more than one day to build, do not worry about being there every day to greet them. You only need to be there that first day.

When the team arrives they will ask you to walk with them around the property to discuss the layout of the fence they plan to build. This will include the purpose of the fence, gate placement, possible utilities lines, and property lines. Be prepared to let them know about sprinkler systems, outside electric, and outside water. Also, consider where you would like them to put the extra dirt from the fence holes and be prepared to let them know.

Pay Final Payments

Payment for residential fencing is due upon completion, but you are welcome to make payments at any time before that date during the process. Just call and we can charge it to the card on file or any other way you desire (i.e. check, cash, or a different card).

Payment for commercial fence installation is a bit more involved and specific to each case, but the most common and likely case is that it is due within 30 days of completion.

Enjoy your Fence!

We hope this step by step guide for building a fence gives you a good idea of what you can expect when you work with the Frederick Fence team. Know that it is always a pleasure to serve our loyal customers. We are here for you and we strive to do our best work for every customer. That is the Frederick Fence Difference!

Happy Fencing!